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OSX Yosemite Finderbar 2.0 for all Windows OS

Watch it in motion on

This gives you the look of the Yosemite finderbar for your Windows. It was made on and for Windows8.1, but it works on other Windows OS either. XP users  cannot use all buttons, because the targets don't exist on their OS. Or they have to change them to their likings.
It's clear that some buttons only work if the target is available on your system:
Software update only works if Apple updater is installed.
Dockbutton works with Rocketdock, or you have to change the target to the dock you use
Cycle through Windows needs Vista or Windows7 to work. You can also activate this function on Windows8/8.1

How to use:
You need Samurize to use this deviation.If you don't already have it, get it… Click on direct download or they install a useless download manager.
Install Samurize in compatibility mode or you will get an error message.
Important: You must run the client.exe as administrator if you wanna use the finderbar. Otherwise the bar appears,but it will not work because of the UAC.

This is work in progress and will be regularly updated.:D

:Changelog:Updated version New graphics/ Added shadow to the menubar, menus and all other stuff.
         Now supports 1280
                                1920 pix screenwidth.Others by request.
                                Added some more functional buttons.
                                Improved file size (Only 25 per cent of the firdst version)

:new:Featured on…
:new: Featured on…

:new:Watch preview of upcoming new version

:new: Please have a look at this real time installation video before asking useless

:new:Fully detailed installation guide hereMac finderbar  Fully installation guide by PeterRollar

© 2014 - 2021 PeterRollar
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Is there a link that doesnt contain a trojan virus? Don't tell me they don't because you can scan every single one of the resolution packs and they are crawling with trojans.

3440x1440 please

probando bro gracias!

Hi, I succesfully installed the finderbar and also a Mac OS dock. I just have one problem with the finderbar; when I have a window like my browser open, the bar blends in with the window and I cannot access the close or minimize buttons. Is there way to fix this?

Thanks, Iquerno

how u get the dock?

How to unistall the Samurize? :D (Big Grin)  Thanks. 
hi can you pls make a Version for 2560 width? i want this so bad
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Hi Peter,

This is a beautifully executed skin and a very accurate finderbar, truly brilliant.  I just recently upgraded from a 1920x1200 monitor to a Apple 2560x1600 monitor.  I know you're a busy person, but I think many people out there w/ 4k displays and such would appreciate it if you did an update to these or if you could possibly make a tuturial on how to do it ourselves if it isn't too much trouble.

Thanks in advance.
thankx so much it helped me a lotHugthis is awesome! Clap :happybounce:  
I have rectangle black, green and red quji is displayed when I press open folder

I can not put the finderbar!
where can i get download link for Yosemite theme sir..??

Tap on the download button

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You can find it here:iconsagorpirbd:
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1366x768 if you can?
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You can use 1368 version. Makes no difference.
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Alright, thanks.
can you help me? how to change all the icons? btw this work is very goodClap :happybounce: 
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Thank you.:) Which icons do you mean?
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It can only play swf-files because it works with Adobe Flash Player.
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