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XL - 24 Drone Commander Battle Armor

The XL - 24 Drone Commander is a light lemurian battle armor specialized in mechanical warfare, mainly the drones utilized by many soldiers of the Lemurian Empire.
It is part of the engineering division, tasked to accompany the more heavily armed and armored units from other divisions. The primary focus for them is to provide extensive repairs, hacking the enemy networks and machines and enhancing the drones accompanying the lemurian troops.

Unlike most other armors, this one has no personal weapons to defend itself with. However it can deploy a large number of special, stronger drones to get the job done.

Its main armaments are heavy drones which it can manufacture thanks to the special back piece installed on the armor. 

Another concept from my ip.
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Datum....I always have difficulty drawing legs like nailed it.
VeilOfTheVoidRPG's avatar
I like it! Cool design and concept.
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Wow, great one.
How much of the armor is an armor, and how much are the drones? Can he use them as extra plating? If he has a drone with a weapon, is it possible to attach it[drone] to other Lemurian models as extra for more firepower? Can he combine more than 1 drones into something more lethal or suited for the mission?
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Awesome armor!!
Estonius's avatar
Killer pose and details!
TastesLikChicken's avatar
oh man, this is awesome, both in concept and design. love the detail.
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Very cool. Love the detail
DaemonblackwellNRN's avatar
love it!!! especially the legs. the amount of detail is equally as awesome
ZackWriter23's avatar
the next phase of Titanfall robots!
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