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Fallen Paladins

By PeterPrime
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Once proud and noble paladins, these unfortunate knights have been tricked and corrupted by the foul magic that plagues this dungeon.

Even at death's door these warriors put the innocents' lives first and made sure they were safe. 

The middle animated armor was once the paladin lord of the lemurian Empire's elite unit, the Protectors of Light. The other two were also elite, high ranking knights, the personal bodyguards of the paladin lord.
They have been reanimated as vengeful, undead spirits becoming the very thing they swore to destroy. But their willpower was so strong, they still fight and battle the undead valiantly.

Unfortunately they are without emotion and under the eternal curse. They even attack their fellow, living paladins now.

They may be undead now, but their blessed armor is still imbued with holy magic. They are devastating foes.

This is from my story.
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Correction: They may be undead now, but they are still cool.

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amazing! <3

These would make some pretty interesting Warframes
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This is really amazing
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woooo i love this!!!! +fav
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Excellent art, and an excellent backstory to go with it! Encountering these fellows must be a harrowing experience, even if they aren't necessarily your foes.
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Very awesome and cool! I like the armor!
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I like those helmet and shoulder armor.
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This is very, very cool! Their design shows how broken yet still holy for some extension, and the fact that their armors are still blessed really calls upon the extension of their willpower after all that... I'd really love to get into the story of how/who cursed them, so I'm going to scroll through your art in anticipation of a great setting.

In short, astounding work
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This is good keep it up
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It's just incredible! you are great, and everything here is great!
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The uncountable details.
Great work
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I'm a huuuge Dark Souls fan, this brings me memories of Anor Londo <3
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The one looks like Artoras!
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Wow I love this! Heart 
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Hollow knights of putrid light,
Forsaken under all Lord's might
Doomed to die forever more,
Anger and shame these paulton's lore
Hunger and pain now all they are,
Testing your fire, consuming the light...
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So cool, love the whole concept. :)
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