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Black Dragon Tempest

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Here's a concept of Tempest, the huge black dragon from my story.

He is the king of the dragons and the skies. He resides in a long forgotten dungeon to mankind. The fallen stronghold of the dragon knights of old.
It is almost impossible to penetrate his tough scales, even magic is totally useless against him. 

It is said he was once the companion of a single brave hero who has proved worthy of riding Tempest. 

Tempest not only has a powerful fire breath, but also spits lava and is able to cast higher tier spells. Along with those and his immense size and strenght, he makes a brutal and unforgiving opponent.

Since he is a greater dragon, he is extremely wise and is able to speak.

The dungeon is full of terror and horrorific beasts. But it is also home to the remaining dragons and wyverns the old dragon knights used to ride.
One cannot enter this place without special means. 

A handful of lemurian knights were actually able to visit this damned place, but none ever returned. 

Peter Palladino will enter as well, in order to achieve the greatest rank of the Lemurian Empire. This is the quest that will determine his worth to become a praetorian.

But the road to that will be perilous and won't be forgiving....
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