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Seamless Skull Patterns

Seamless Skull Patterns from - Peter Plastic - .

included in rar.

- .pat ( pattern )
- .jpg
- .pds
- .abr ( brush )

Check out:
and my site:
for more...

If you like these patterns. why not fav?

For more Patterns check out
© 2009 - 2021 PeterPlastic
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thanks..can't wait to try out :)
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fun & awesome!! can't wait to play around w/ideas ~ when i do i'll return to post :)
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Tank you, please do.
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many thanks for your work. I used here [link]
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No problem!~ ^^
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I love 'em. Thank you very much for sharing! :)
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I hope it's okay, but I used your texture here: [link]
Thank you!
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Great work ! Thanks a lot
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I don't get how I'm supposed to load them to photoshop ):
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you extract the .rar file. Which gives you, a .pat file. This file you can put where you like. There is a folder in your photoshop library that has all Photoshop's own patterns. That's a good place to store your own.

When you've have the layer in photoshop which you wish to add the pattern too, you have several ways of doing it. I always right click the layer and choose -blending options- then choose the -pattern overlay- right down in the bottom. There you have the choice of loading patterns. Then just find the location of your pattern and load it in. the rest is straight forward:)

There need to be some fill on your layer before you can add the pattern. meaning that the layer can't be empty. There need to be come sort of graphic on it.
Ill upload a guide for it later today.

I hope this helped you. if not, check out the guide later on :)
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Hey. I am in school to build a website for my own business doing tattoos. I was wondering if it would be cool if I used these in my site.
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please go ahead. i am happy that you like them.
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Thank you sooooooo much. It will go great with my tattoo site
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