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My own version of the Cyberdemon from Doom. This guy scared the crap out of me when I was little. It seemed like it took forever to kill him too.

I think I want to do my own version of all of the demons from Doom, so this will be the first.
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Unbelievable Bro ! Respect !
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Better than the new cyberdemon.
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PeterMan, have you ever heard of a Nephalem before?
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Only in reference to the hero player in Diablo III.
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Well TBH with you, not quite. And of course, a Nephalem is a hybrid of both Demon and Angel, and are considered to be equally powerful than both said species. While Angels are benevolent, and Demons are malevolent, Nephalems are nowhere close to evil, nor good. Moreover, they share both powers of their parents, (both Angel and Demon) and Nephalems can outrank both said species. Their physical appearance depicts them having small horns, which is a signature feature of all Demons, and a halo. They also have an Angel, and a Demon's wings as well. Arch Nephalems (Transcendent Nephalems) DO exist in fictional media, and they are blatantly more powerful than regular Nephalems.

Here's a prime example what a Nephalem would may look like. (…)
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There is nothing worse than coming up against one of these guys.
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I wanna ride the cacodemon!
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never a good thing when a 20 foot demon has a rocket launcher for an arm.

I found a weird glitch where the cyberdemon was stuck in a wall and blew himself up, and it took forever.
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I'm still wondering why those guys look like minotaurs, i know doom looks like a labyrinth but that's a bit too much dontcha think?
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I always kind of felt like it was a classic demon look, inverted hoof legs, horns, nasty exterior.  He's totally a minotaur rip off though.
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epic as hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well that's a refreshing new interpretation to be sure.
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these pussies are invincible!
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You should follow the game's advice ''Shoot it until it dies''
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MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo............................. !!!
One scary sound.
I mean I like all monsters of DooM but if I had to name favourites it would be the hideous Cyberdemon and the Cacodemon.
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I remember the cyberdemons mouth being more humanoid like.
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I so want to ride his shoulders when he's attacking things. It'd suck to see Doomguy get wasted though.
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Say that to my mr BFG right there.
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