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Concept of futuristic sniper rifle for fictional scenario.

Design is based on usual profile but it is not working with standart bullets. There is a battery instead of mag. Picture is large to see details. 

Worked in 3ds max, used vray rendering engine and finished it in photoshop. Model is highpoly. I didnt have enough time so no all details involved  and also scope I used  usual one. 

1. Primary - Vks-3000
2. Secondary - VKS-3000-secondary

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.
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Yet another great creation of yours. As usual, the weapon is extremely detailed. I really like how even though you based it off the VKS, you made so many unique changes to it that it really looks like its own thing. If I didn't see the title for this, I wouldn't have been able to tell it was based off any real life weapon, much less the VKS. I also like how ergonomic the weapon looks. I am however wondering why the weapon has a bolt handle when the weapon wouldn't need to load or eject any projectiles because it is an energy weapon. To me, the bolt handle seems redundant. Other than that though, I am in awe of your creation and can't wait to see more from you.