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Concept of scifi gun - electric rifle -  for fictional scenario. No ammo, but energy pack-battery. Worked in 3ds max, used vray rendering engine and finished it in photoshop. Concept is meant to be series with this one: DLUGOV , Model is highpoly. I did only one picture but it is big as usual. 

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.
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A critique!

Well, about the size of the weapon and the scope, i guess, everything is already said before. Maybe it's a common thing in the future to have short arms and small heads.

However! This one featuresan extendable stock! Which is clearly seen and is awesome.

And it is more of a pistol\carbine grip kind of weapon, which has its own benefits.

Now about the battery that everybody mumbles here around. I do not think that it really matters. Yeah, it is bright, but taking in the consideration that the battery can be replacible with some kind of industrial tools or home appliances (yay for the unification!), the color is rather fitting.

So... keep up the good work!
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Hi :)

this one is supposed to be small. something like SMG or similar in scale. 

and about that blue color. originally I planned to make whole desing in blue like police device. but it didnt work so I used stantart colour of body and left blue only on mag. 

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I a going to buck the trend here and say leave the colors alone. The high contrast between the body of the gun and the power pack, and status indicators works for me

The shape and style of the weapon are as usually very well imagined, it looks clean, easy to handle and fairly comfortable to shoot. It would be an easy weapon to carry in tight spaces, and as a secondary weapon in addition to a more conventional weapon.

About the only suggestion I have is to add swivels for a carrying strap to the weapon.

With a weapon like this, It could be bright yellow and Neon green.The second you fire it everyone in the neighborhood is going to see the electrical discharge and know you are there anyway.

The back coloration of weapons is as much for intimidation as it is for concealment. And I doubt an electric weapon would be used fro an ambush position, or be used by anyone who was trying to avoid letting people know they are in the neighborhood....

So I think it's safe to say the black color if just to let people know its a weapon and that the person holding it is damned serious about making someone behave.

I'll give it my highest compliment...I want one...and I definitely don't want anyone pointing it at me.
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Hi mate. tnx for reviw. this is one of my older work. originally I planned to do whole model in blue color. I try to experiment with color to prevent myself from using black or grey all the time but it is not easy. if I use to much colour then it looks more like a toy then real device.... and those other points I accept. I never finish details on 100 percent. lazyness....
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I really like what you were trying to do here, but I want to share a few thoughts if this is intended to be a military weapon and not a law enforcement weapon (I'm assuming that this is a lethal weapon and not a crowd control device):

The battery should be a darker color. While dark gray and light blue is a really cool color combination, if this is to have practical military use, it should be much darker, perhaps even a warmer color, like a very dark, brownish-crimson. Too many light colors on a weapon would draw too much attention to it.

Additionally, the battery gauge should neither be so large nor on the side as this would give the enemy an idea of how much fight the wielder has left. The battery meter should be simpler and perhaps inset at the foot of the sight or perhaps even within the sight itself so that the wielder knows how much power she or he has left if looking through the sights.

The scale of the weapon also seems too small for such a high tech weapon. The trigger guard should be made just a little bit larger, perhaps extended forward a little bit to accommodate someone wearing thick or armored gloves. Also, while the battery is obvious, how this weapon works is not. I feel as though this weapon should be a little bit larger and bulkier behind the trigger assembly. This would give it a sense of weight and also give the impression that there are redundancies and safety systems built into it to protect the wielder from misfires or problems associated with overheating.

I really like this a lot, though, keep up the good work!
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Hi. tnx. I experement with shiny colors of mag but in result it gives impression that it is not something like toy. Yea, next time I try some kind of dark color. that could be better. Scale should be ok in my opinion. Proportions I took from real guns. But in general., proportions are always my bigest problems. 
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oakstudios Filmographer
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Overall this is a pretty good 3d model of a futuristic gun. I like the precision in the modeling with no artifacts. It's well lit and certainly conveys a feeling of solidity.

The gun however gives off a child-like vibe, like a toy. I think this is due to the bright blue gun clip and clean lines. I would suggest changing the texture of the gun clip to something metallic. Also maybe add more crosshatching texture in the inwardly beveled areas. Finally, unless it's supposed to be brand new, add some scratches and dirt, as if this is a gun that has been used often.

Otherwise this is definitely a piece that can go into a portfolio.
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Hi tnx for critic. that toylook you pointed out I accept. Playing with more colors on models lately and can not get satisfied result so far. An another reason is I dont make precise textures (Not time for it) which make models too clean. 
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The blue and lack of scratches would fit if this was police or security equipment, perhaps blue means non lethal rounds in the mag
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oakstudios Filmographer
I can see the blue mags meaning non-lethal. That's a good point. Maybe the gun is used for non lethal crowd control.
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It is a battery, not a magazine.  The description states electric rifle and that it is an energy weapon, not bullets.
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Ryuk20Hobbyist Writer
I wanna all your guns for the Counter Strike 1.6
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It definitely does give off a solid non-lethal aesthetic without, ideal for first responders'. but on the subject of critiquing and design concept will it have other variants (Marksman/Artillery/CQB) considering you are drawing its features from the DLUGOV line.
Oh and on the subject of electric based ammo economy will it have a battery charging function generated from the users movements and with solar energy etc.

Would definitely love to see more CQB Designs from you in the future :D
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yea. Sometime I have to make some rifle design with solar panel on surface just to be green ;)
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SlantedJonasStudent Digital Artist
Is this a model?
Your welcome 
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looks like a futuristic vector with a barrel attached. I like it
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tnx mate.
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678091Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the sight, the gun itself though, I don't like the thumb hold stock, bullpup=Great for me
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tnx mate.
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Excellent design and detail.
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