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Pulsar - secondary

By peterku
Concept of futuristic energy gun for fictional sci-fi scenario. Design is done in unusual way and in very minimalist style. Gun is simple with no extra parts all over surface. Surface itself has plain silhouette. 

Once person takes it into hand, gun automatically connects to person's computer. If authorisation procedure succeed then gun's system links to person HUD and activates 3d hologram projection all over the body displaying all controls, switches, battery and other information. There is only one mechanical switch on the body for releasing battery magazine. 

I did job in 3ds max and rendering engine is V-ray. Model is highpoly. Colorization is in "ferrari" style. 

There are 2 large pictures:

Pulsar main:   Pulsar - main

Pulsar secondary: Pulsar - secondary

So what do you think do you like it or not.?  Tnx for comments if any.
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First thing that I wanted to say after viewing this piece of art is "Wow! Shineeeey!"
This gun does not look like a weapon at all - bright, polished, futuristic, even probably ergonomic. I really like the design - especially the grip that is located right behind the barrel so it removes the barrel flip (I don't actually know, if this weapon supposed to have a knockback, but if it had, it would be straight backwards and not to the side or up) I have a questions though!

1. What are those tiny little holes in the plastic?

2. What are"lines" under the barrel made of?

3. What that small mirror under the muzzle? (shineeey!)

But overall - great design for a civilian weapon.
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hi. tnx yopu. I allready have ide for updates of grip. want to make something similar but with grip like sawed off shotgun. 

1. While process of plastic production you push tool inside hot plastic. this make bumb on other side and this bumb spots sit down inside internal structure and improve inputing plastic surface part on the body.

2. something between passive cooler and part improving grip when you hold front part by second hand. material is steel. 

3. It is in bad angle. it reflected too much light. but it is usual light attachment.
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Ultra Sweet and Supercool!  :-)
I ask you a technical effects question? when this weapon is fired what kind of effects it has when it is fired?  A.  A bright burst of energy, bolts, or C. a constant energy beam?  I hope you can answer my question.
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tnx you mate. I am not sure about internal mechanism and firing effect. I did it time ago and mostly I leave it for immagination. This one probably  has some kind of energy beam....
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It looks like a Nerf Gun hybridized with a Bentley.
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and probably I would add also wacuum cleaner features :)
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I really really really like this! I play paintball...and if this could hold a Planet Eclipes Paintball marker this would be the new future of scenario play. Have the hopper. the tank and everything important with in the confines of the shroud with easy access to all in order to refill air and paintballs...I would LOVE to see if this could be 3D printed to try it out! 
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tnx you mate.
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hmm Is this a one-hand gun? because it seems a bit front heavy for that and a bit difficult to holster. The barrel end looks like something I don't want to have pointing at me xD
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hi. no. there is a place for second hand in the front where are those metal parts.
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If Ferrari made a gun.....
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The model looks awesome but I can see that your texture logo  blurred a bit at bottom image. I think that tracing the logo and cutting it out from the model and then colorizing it would solve the problem but this requires a few minutes in 3ds more but I think it's worth some extra attention. Great job anyway :D
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I'm always open for news ways how to do something. Can you be more specific waht you mean?  I also noticed this when I did it but had no time to solve. I thought problem is in size of texture but texture is quite big. Tnx you for help. 
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You can trace your image wiith splines, extrude it to make it 3 dimentional and then make a boolean intersection of it. this wil create common part of your model and logo so make it on a copy of a model and there you have a suface of a model shaped like your logo. All you have to do now i to change material of it to white paint instead of red. Thats it. This will not be a texture but kind of mdeled logo in 3d that has exactly the same shape that the model suface. I hope my english is not as bad as I hink and all of this is easy to understand.
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Tnx I understand it now. But I'm affraid it will solve this specific problem but in generally everytime I render surface in this angle then output will be blurred. There has to be some reason behind while texture is not sharp. Once I found some extra time will have to check setting if there is no some way out.........
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Hey, I tried to render some textures in Keyshot and it seems to do it properly without bluring it at any, even extreme angle and since you do mostly guns I think it would be a lot user friendly and faster renderer.
But I forgot that in games there is an anisotropic filtering option to solve this problem in real time so maybe there is something like this in Vray. I read something about blur options that it solves the problem and that increasing the resolution does it too but well, its time consuming.
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Hi. I checked keyshot allready. Good program when you need something quick but very limited in settings. V-ray gives me much more space for experimenting. Yes there, in vray settings, are more values in filterings methods (including anisotropic) There must be some way how to solve it. And yes vray takes more time to render but as I wrote settings is more extended then in keyshoot. keyshoot is best for close rendering of various products. 
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Beautiful work, I love the bold colouring and the very unique design.
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tnx you mate. 
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I want to try something like this in Modo, 3dmax makes me crazy, and Maya homicidal.....
superb work, I love the style
I made this one in Maya and Hex, like to see what you would make with this idea…
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Hi. chcek it. quite big. need more work on it then just usual gun....
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TY love your work!
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Man I love your work...another great piece.
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great man. I just added another piece.
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