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Pulsar - main

By peterku
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Concept of futuristic energy gun for fictional sci-fi scenario. Design is done in unusual way and in very minimalist style. Gun is simple with no extra parts all over surface. Surface itself has plain silhouette.

Once person takes it into hand, gun automatically connects to person's computer. If authorisation procedure succeed then gun's system links to person HUD and activates 3d hologram projection all over the body displaying all controls, switches, battery and other information. There is only one mechanical switch on the body for releasing battery magazine.

I did job in 3ds max and rendering engine is V-ray. Model is highpoly. Colorization is in "ferrari" style.

There are 2 large pictures:

Pulsar main:   Pulsar - main

Pulsar secondary: Pulsar - secondary

So what do you think do you like it or not.?  Tnx for comments if any.
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RunningFL4SHNew Deviant

Its honestly just really satisfying to look at for

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hi. tnx but it is mainly becouse of color composition. In shapes it is more leaves blower then a gun :)

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This is my favorite gun!
Perfect shape, perfect color,it just fits it, I am not a communist!
Its us just a perfect concept. I cannot wait to use it in a video game. I would like to see how do you reload it. I imagine the top piece being removed and you put a long green tube as ammo. I don't know why but for some reason I image it shooting green energy balls or bight blue ones, that means the reload tube would be blue then.
Pulsar can be nicknamed Chili Gun or Red Hot Chili Pepper
Keep up the good work!
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tnx you mate. battery socket is below the body. There is also only button on the design for releasing mag/battery. That red hot chili pepper is very good name :)
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This has beautiful organic lines which are sonewhat flawed by what seems to be a standard 9mm pistol grip and trigger guard inserted in the end. If that part was redesigned to fit the rest of the flowing form it would be a fantastic piece of Sci fi weapon art. At the very least lose the trigger guard which is superfluous.

Since it is an energy weapon no stock is needed for there is no projectile mass and thus no recoil, designing it without one is the correct way to go. This could quite easily be a piece of alien tech or futurist human and offers intriguing possibilities for related technologies.
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I'd still argue for a stock. The extra point of contact is needed to stabilize it to reliably hit at a distance. Soaking the recoil is handy, but the main reason it's there is to fix it in place so the sights stay on target, even if the sights are holographic and projected on your visor. You can test this with a wrapping paper tube, a laser pointer, and a bit of tape to see what I'm talking about. Much easier to keep the dot where you want it when one end is anchored on your shoulder, compared to being held in your fist.

It could be done without disrupting the lines of the weapon. Something like the one in the link that folds up and out of the shell, but merges seamlessly when folded.…
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tnx for comment man. Probably in the future I made another one moel with similar profile but different grip....
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Did you drive a Ferrari F40??? Oh no, that's old.... but as divine as a Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra.... I burn imagining holding this shooting Ferrari F40.
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:) yea to choose colour i got inspiration from ferrari
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RowossHobbyist Digital Artist
Now seen this - I really, really want a heat gun or a hair dryer in that look!! Awesome designs!!
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yea it really looks like hair dryier :)
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UndeviatingHobbyist Writer
Looks like a Dirt Devil.

Still I can see how it evolved into the Jumper. It turned out really classy.
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tnx you.
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if it shoots real puslars we're all reduced do a stack of quarks
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XD didnt think about internal mechanism/principle much....
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pinchback General Artist
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VepremHobbyist General Artist
Makes me think of a sonic shotgun.
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you mean something like in that sci fi movie minority report .... 
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I'm thinking about using a design similar to this in my idea of an open world-cyberpunk game.
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Hi. I dont share 3d models but I dont mind people use/copy my work if it is non-commercial. bye.
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