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Polar Bear - scifi handgun

By peterku
Extending my database.  This concept is bulet free design.  Work has been made in 3ds max + vray as rendering engine. Completed in Photoshop. Picture is larger to see details. 

I did another concept similar to this one. FUDO (Fudo-main)

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.

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a lot these weapons you make are awesome, love to see some of them in a game. ^^Surprise dyou haven't done any sci-fi elemental weapons yet.
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you are right sooner or later I do something like that. 
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That's a really cool weapon design.
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with there was a replica of this to buy

Heart Love :happybounce: +fav 
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tnx. will have to buy 3d printer,
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or get a deal with  a prop maker

thanx for making such fantastic weapons and art
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Very nice.  Looks powerful, and I like the top rail.
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wow this is awesome. 
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That is an excellent weapon.
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if i had to knit pick, and im being forced here...maybe the phillips head screw is a little dated? Hex or some kind of security screw?

But as usual, i love it!
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You probably right. Was lazy to create something new so I just coped this part  from my older models...
I'm curious about one aspect of your bullet free designs, which is the placement of the grip.  Rear placement of grips in magazine fed handguns is a product of needing the bullets at the rear where the action is.  In revolvers, the handle is to the rear only because of the need for space of the rotating chamber.

When freed from that constraint, wouldn't it make sense to move the handle forward a bit, improving balance?  Much as I hated them, the pistol-styled Phaser II in Star Trek TOS took advantage of that, with the grip near the middle.

So the question is, is there a reason for that, or are you judging that there just too much of a preconception in your audience toward a rear grip? 

In this particular case, rear grip or no, I really like the curves -- aside from the rail on the top I have a hard time seeing that weapon hanging up or catching on much of anything.  I'd imagine users would be tempted to file off the small right angles at the the front and rear of the rail to make it even easier to draw from concealment!
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Hi. it is main characteristic that in most my work I keep standart profile. I used to sell my models to various studios and bigest interest is in standart profiles. if they want something specific they tell me and I create something for them directly. But those woks are not published here on my account. 
I suspected as much.  It's like putting foaming agent in detergents:  they don't do anything, but the consumer expects it.

I wouldn't even *ask* any other artist questions like that -- but with you it's clear you really *do* think that much about your work.
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exactly you hit that point :). Tnx you mate. 
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You make a lot of models. Maybe you should experiment more? With minor variations, your weapons look very similar to each other. They look good; but I'd like to see you stretch yourself. I'd like to see your interpretation of a Star Trek phaser. Or the top-and-bottom pistol from Guardians of the Galaxy. Or something else!

We know you can make these, and make them well. But if you try different things, you might catch the eye of someone who's not looking for the same thing as everyone else.

If you're not sure where to start, maybe ask your DA audience? :)
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hi. I know they look similar. I used to sell them and was running of the free models. Theefore I did those 4 pistols in row. They are based on similar profile. But you are tru it is time to move on....
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