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By peterku
Concept of sci-fi handgun based on revolver profile. No Bullets but energy canister instead of standart drum. 

Worked in 3ds max, used vray rendering engine and finished it in photoshop. Model is highpoly.

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.
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It's... Absolute Gorgeous:+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav: :+fav:

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tnx you mate

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A very futuristic design indeed! I don't know if you saw the show Continuum, it looks like one of the portable, foldable weapons that she has in there. Now personally, I do not like revolvers but for this one I would give a exception. Only thing that I would say that needs work is the hand grip. It really doesn't look comfortable on the hand after a while and there is no grips. Other than that, amazing design. You managed to capture all of the features that a regular gun and is very very detailed. One question though does it come in black and yellow. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>

-Vim Distract-
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I am a big revolver fan, and i love this design. It still contains a familiar framework and shape that speaks to modern designs all the while also containing the sci fi features that make it look more futuristic and advanced. The use of a energy/power cell rather tan cylinder and the cg look of the design which makes it appear ceramic or steel is very interesting. One thing i might add is with the handle/butt of the gun, it looks a little empty, maybe if you gave the handle a polished, chrome, or wood finish it would make the whole design a bit more tantalizing. One other suggestion would be if you think you'd like to include the ability for accessories, like silencer, compensator, or flashlight etc. such as under the barrel of the gun. I am not that familiar with 3d/cg technology, but from what i can see the model looks like it is almsot real, as if it was an actual prop or mock-up for it

Other than that the whole thing reminds me of something out of Blade Runner, or Aliens, and i love it, sleek powerful and intimidating to see.
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I'm a huge fan of yours Peterku you inspire me as a CG artist. That being said I think the model is absolutely outstanding but the center portion seems so weak and flimsy if it were to be used in a combat situation. If it had more portions to support the surrounding area it would be absolutely perfect. If we are going to be extremely picky though I would have to say that the handle seems a little wonky and appears to be not a natural sort of handle that would be easy to hold. Lastly shouldn't their be a hammer? It seems like a wonky experience not to pull back the hammer when firing the gun.

Keep up the good work Peterku. Don't take all of this to heart because the model it's self is amazing and everything looks outstanding.
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tnx you. no need to be afraid of being critical. It calls critique. I know You are right about critic of CGI part of work. while my work I learn that if something to make on 70-90% good take some time than to make same thing perfectly takes double time or even more. So it is always about making compromises in your work between perfection and spending time. for example grip. I know it is empty and too simple but to make it good you should bring it into Zbrush, sculpt it with all those details around, generate displace maps and bumb maps, etc. etc. ... And it takes time. So I did whole model in way  to bring attentions into middle parts and grip I did in simple mode and just apllied some texture on it after renderings in photoshop. Insted of plenty work I did it in few seconds saving time hoping most people dont notice. Of course experienced people working with CGI notice  it without any problem, but you know they are still minor in population :) 
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This is a very well made futuristic handgun, i love the idea, and the final render is very nice. The level of detail is very good for the chamber/barrel parts, but other parts, like the area between chamber and grip, feel poor in comparison. Moreover you should put some bigger screws in the frame of the gun for a more "sturdy look".
I like the idea of putting an energy cell instead of the revolver's cylinder, but the firing system (notably the trigger) still look like an old school mechanical trigger, if I were you, I would put a large and confortable plastic-molded trigger cover or something like that.
The overall texture and material work is great (especially the Warning label on the energy cell), i think that a little logo engraved in the body or molded in the grip would be perfect.
In conclusion, that's a very good sci-fi concept mixed with some great 3D skills, the little details that i've mentioned don't make the overall look bad

Keep going ^^
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Hi mate tnx for positive reaction. And dont worry to be critical. It is critique so it should be critical and criticism is best way how to improve yoursef. I always take it positively. In the past I sed big bolts and screws but now I make them smaller to have more distinct look.  Those colorful stickers like that on the bloe barrel I sed as addition leg. it will cover boring narrow surface so I dont have to make any details on it and morever it gives me more colors into  object wich is always plus in renderings :)
also: I found this picture here:…
seems to me like that's not you. so some dude is stealing your stuff. Might want to look into that.
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tnx for notice but i dont mind. I consider this as advertising my work. 
it's amazingly realistic looking. (not the concept, obviously, but it looks like an actual object, rather than a render)
showing off the energy cell is of course what you'd WANT to do, but poses some problems. There's a few moving parts in there, small details, and electrical connections(?) that could get clogged up with sand, or anything really.
You'd want to cover that up, but that would ruin showing off the concept.
I doubt one could come up with convincing reason to use a transparant material as a casing...
Perhaps you could make some cover that is removable, and pretend that the weapon has been opened up for display purposes.
You could have one view of it, closed. and another opened, with the cover next to it.
Personally, I think the trigger looks a little 'slidey', as in, your finger could slide off towards the bottom and get caught between the trigger and the trigger guard. perhaps a more pronounced arch to the trigger?
I like the look of the front of the barrel, and of the rear of the gun, but not necessarily both on the same gun. it comes across as mish mashed.
What you COULD do, is make TWO versions, both made out of one of the materials, and present them as a buyer's/user's choice of preferred material. A 'standard' one, and a deluxe version.
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yea for practical reason you want to cover body into some simple case and hide all internal parts. but when you model something then you wanna add some complexity. its easy way to keep some part of model exposed so you can show internal mechanism...
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You GOTTA offer this on out site!

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nice work!
I hope to see your works on my community of 3d model
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I want to take this to the range, today!
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very nice work :)
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Very nice work, love it!

You gotta get your stuff onto RenderHub :

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Slick looking 'revolver', handle looks cosy. Just a guess, but the name might be a homage to this:… ?
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honestly this one is not my favourite but Tnx mate. That name I chose randomly. didnt have idea there is real one with same name
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Hello there, really cool weapon !
Is it possible to get this weapon and use it for a game? I work on my game that gonna use a handgun shooting energy beam and this type of gun is perfect for this !
I have try to make my one on 3DS Max but even with tutorial i can't do a good energy gun :(

Thanks :)
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