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MAD.ASA secondary



Concept of sci-fi rifle. This one is meant to be pair to my previous work. DAEVA. (DAEVA - main by peterku).

Both are based on same principle. Usual profile with few added extra non-crazy  features pushing it into future.  Design shouldn't be from far future but believable like from tomorrow.

Work is made in 3ds max. Rendering engine is V-ray.

I did 2 pictures.

MAD.ASA main :  MAD.ASA by peterku

MAD.ASA secondary :  MAD.ASA secondary by peterku

So what do you think do you like it or not.?  Tnx for comments if any.
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Very interesting design. Great render - metal looks loke metal, plastic looks like it is supposed to look. Yet there are some details that are a bit off. For example, pikatini plank on the sides of the barrel do not look like one - they are poished and curved, while supposed to be metal and abrasive for the better contact. Two below and above the barrel look much better though. Overall interesting shape of the magazine, though I have no idea of what might be concealed by those curves. What matters more is that big bulge right above the magazine - what is it supposed to be? Some kind of gyroscopic stabilizer? Or some kind of power source for the rails or some other internal systems?

However, I like the design overall. Thus you have strong 4,5