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 Concept of sci fi handgun for fictional scenario. This model is bulet free design.  Work has been made in 3ds max + vray as rendering engine. Completed in Photoshop. Picture is larger to see details. 

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.
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This is an awesome piece of work.  Do you have files for 3D printing?
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tnx you man. I dont share moel but dont mind if people copy my work as far as it non-commercial...
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This looks so good I feel like I could pick it up and use it!
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tnx you mate. 
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love the way it is not round

Love :happybounce: +fav 
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what modeling program do you use?  damn it looks amazing! 
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tnx. 3ds max. 
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Another great weapon from you. Still wanting to see what you could do with a revolver design
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tnx mate. I will have to make some revolver eventually...
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Should come with a warning label: "Dog owners will feel a strong desire to kill Theon Greyjoy while handling this product."
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It looks really sleek and in my opinion awesome but there is always a but, though it's more of an opinion and/or personal preference rather than what could be called a design flaw.
Given how most of the people including me index the index finger while not having it on the trigger of the handgun would place it straight over the magazine release which would increase the possibility of accidental lose of magazine in the worst possible moment.
The second thing I have is more of a personal preference as someone who has bad eyesight and has to wear glasses thin front-sights tend to blur on me while shooting. It is also usually preferred to have thicker sight because they are more robust that way and are easier to acquire (If I compare my old CZ 75 with my DP-51 the CZ with it's smaller thinner front sight is slower to acquire and easier to loose than bigger more robust sights of DP-51) not to mention easier to incorporate things like dots being fiber optic or glowing ones.
That are just my two cents anyway. Take it for what it is. :)
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hi. tnx you. I allways take critic in positie way as it is only option how to improve. I accept them both. Switches position- I play with thier location all the time just bring some difference and dont be repetitive in this. 
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That's a really healthy way to take it.

As far as switches go there is more or less only so many things you can do about them if you want your handgun practical. Good to think outside the box. :)
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Kinda looks like it would use bullets, really elegant and smooth
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Excellent work a very nice sleek design.
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Awesome. I see that you solved a problem with texture blurring when at low angle views.
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I didnt change anything special. I had to set something wrong on that pulsar render...
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