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In the morning I uploaded one concept (Polar Bear - scifi handgun) for scifi scenario I did yesterday. Had different plans for today but crazy weather  has taken control over my country. So we stayed locked down in the house by blizzard for whole day. I took that concept, made re-combination in structure and created another similar one. Just changed it, not radically and added display to bring some difference. Both are not too complicated. Expression is held by few curved lines in minimalistic style. 

Here it is. FUDO. This concept is bulet free design.  Work has been made in 3ds max + vray as rendering engine. Completed in Photoshop. Picture is larger to see details. 

So what do you think. Do you like it or not? tnx for comments if any. bye.
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Could I, possibly use your artwork as a reference for my assignment? You will (of course) be properly credited. I say this as this is sorta the design I was going for with a weapon for a story i'm making, and the design is perfect! If not, that is alright, and thank you for your time!