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On the Flats of S. Oyster Bay by peterkopher
"On the Flats of South Oyster Bay" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…

This image has, to me, more of an eastern aesthetic than I usually shoot.
Beach Blossoms by peterkopher
"Beach Blossoms" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
One That Got Away by peterkopher
"One That Got Away" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Marina Art No. 3 by peterkopher
"Marina Art #3
Four Corners Marina
Seaford, NY anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Marina Art No. 2 by peterkopher
"Marina Art #2"
Four Corners Marina
Seaford, NY anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Wm. Floyd Estate Cemetery No.2 by peterkopher
"William Floyd Estate - Family Cemetery #2"
And a black and white version also. anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Reflections - Wm. Floyd Estate by peterkopher
"Reflections of
William Floyd Estate" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Caretaker's House by peterkopher
"Caretaker's House at
William Floyd Estate" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Caretakers House Roof Lichens by peterkopher
"Caretaker's House
Roof with Lichens" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Wm Floyd - Park Ranger Cabin by peterkopher
"The 'Green House' at
William Floyd Estate" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Black-Crowned Night Heron by peterkopher
"Black-Crowned Night Heron"
A very habituated heron, who's
a frequent visitor to our dock, even
during the daytime! anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Mai Coe's Bedroom No. 3 by peterkopher
"Mai Coe's Bedroom #3"
Another image from Coe Hall,
at Planting Fields Arboretum, in Oyster Bay. NY. anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Coe Hall Still Life No. 2 by peterkopher
"Coe Hall Still Life #2"
Another image from
Planting Fields Arboretum
in Oyster Bay, NY. anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Stained Glass Detail by peterkopher
"Stained Glass Detail"
Another circa 1200's stained
glass window, originally from Europe. anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Poetry in Motion at 5:13 AM by peterkopher
"Poetry in Motion at 5:13 AM"
A Great Egret, in flight from my dock,
as I approached early one recent morning.  anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Stained Glass Triptych by peterkopher
"Stained Glass Triptych - Complete"
Coe Hall at Planting Fields Arboretum.
Oyster Bay, NY.                  anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Stained Glass Triptych - Right by peterkopher
"Stained Glass Triptych - Right"
Last of three images.
Tomorrow's will be a
full three-shot of all
three panels. anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Stained Glass Triptych, Center by peterkopher
"Stained Glass Triptych - Center"
One of three stained glass panels
brought back from Europe, and
redisplayed at Coe Hall.  They
date from the 1200's! anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
Stained Glass Triptych - Left by peterkopher
"Stained Glass Triptych - Left"
I haven't put up a new journal in over a week
as work's been pretty consuming. If you want
to catch up on blog posts you may have missed
here's a link to my blog: anunknownphotographer.blogspot…
This link will send you to last Wednesday's blog,
where you can find the rest of the pictures I
failed to get journals issued for.
White Lake Mansion House No. 5 by peterkopher
"White Lake Mansion House #5" anunknownphotographer.blogspot…