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Gargoyles #AW0005

At last ! Inspired by artworks created in company I am happy to work by so many awesome artists, here comes small piece I've just been procrastinating with ;)

Its 2732x1536 so if anyone is interested, I may post it as wallpaper.

Copyright C Peter Kmiecik

Tablet: Wacom Intuos M
Software: Photoshop

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RSchlenker's avatar
this is very cool, love it!
SGRWinter's avatar
The amount of details you put into your artworks is astounding! The colours are used really well with the warmer tones and darker tones. Looking forward to your art, especially your landscapes.
RaisedFists's avatar
Holy......whaaaat   Shocked 
George1st's avatar
The light in the rain looks awesome!
The statue seems to move at once!
KeekaTiger's avatar
awesome work! :)
DwainesWorld101's avatar
Nice work, & great detail! Keep up the good work, check out mine too! :)  MaYhEmIc Miscellania: ZUMALOOM 2 by DwainesWorld101
cogwurx's avatar
Well done! That's a great, fearful and ominous atmosphere you have. I can almost here the thunderclaps!
VictoriaElectra's avatar
wow! Incredible art, really inspirational!
thoughttrainderailed's avatar
I love the bright red and then the dark of the blues and greens.  Nice combination! 
froggycomics's avatar
Beautiful work,love the dark fee you gave it.
Koyzumie's avatar
so much atmosphere, beautiful work 
Aya-Lunar's avatar
Wow, interesting to see, I love how you did this!
Reborn-sama's avatar
wow this is purely awesome :3 i really love the color contrast between warm and cold. And the rendering is just insanely good.
Great job!
YellowClovers's avatar
Simply astonishing *w*!
yorunaka's avatar
this is really pretty. there's so much detail in this piece and it's just so lovely. there are a few things I'm confused with (particularly as to why the cobbled steps are so bright while everything else seems so dark) but nonetheless, this is really amazing.
Almea0803's avatar
So eerie and beautiful! 
Plague-Rats's avatar
Awesome Job, it makes me want to see more of that castle ** 
Padre-Pallida's avatar
Aww Halloween creatures))
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