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My Bio
I'm digital Artist and Game Developer working in game industry since 2014. I illustrate digitally and make concept art, draw with traditional media and share free photos. Living in Poland.

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My artworks:

For those who seek the truth: Love was there first by PeterKmiecik Parakoopa  Artist - Mario Fan Art #DAW1 by PeterKmiecik 'Under an Old Castle' #AW0001 by PeterKmiecik Gargoyles  #AW0005 by PeterKmiecik Post-Apo Wieliczka Salt Mine  #DailyDeviation by PeterKmiecik Strange Chappel at strange night.. #DailyDeviation by PeterKmiecik Celtic landscape #AW0004 by PeterKmiecik Ekko - Fan Art by PeterKmiecik Desert Level Game Concept #004 by PeterKmiecik Sea giants NPC sketch by PeterKmiecik Lava spider 3d Low Poly model hand painted by PeterKmiecik

Mature Content

Dohji - Jungle eyes #DAW3 by PeterKmiecik
Noodle eats noodle :) #DAW8 by PeterKmiecik Red Kin, stage queen #DAW6 by PeterKmiecik Enigmatis 3 - The Shadow of Karkhala CE | Temple 1 by PeterKmiecik

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Favourite Visual Artist
Feng Zhu, Scott Robertson, Tomasz Mroziński
Favourite Movies
PftC, LotR, Star Wars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Celldweller, Pendulum, Daft Punk, Justice,
Favourite Books
Metro 2033, Bladerunner, Narrenturm, Witcher
Favourite Writers
J. Sapkowski, D. Glughovsky,
Favourite Games
LoL, WoW, Total War series, Quake, CS, Ori&Blind Forest
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Wacom, Blender, UE4, Pencils
Other Interests
Game Development, photography
Hello ! :cake: I'd like to thank You all for the best wishes for my birthdays ! I can tell You I do not feel so old though ! Do You feel for Your age guys ? Time goes so fast, I feel like teen still and have crazy ideas on my mind. Sad thing is that life doesn't give chance to realise'm all. This journal I'd like to dedicate to amazing <DoodlAnne ( DoodlAnne ( I've received from her a drawing as a gift for my birthdays ! :bigthumb766983369: It's cute scene of Ori and her mom holding her :) Thank You very much DoodlAnne ( ! &nbsp;:dalove: Cheers !
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Hello DA ! I'm not dead, just had one week off, which I've spend in Germany. Mostly in Bayern, but we have also visited Cologne, in which Gamescom takes place. Amazing event ! Though very loud and after whole day of walking our legs had enough. It did not stopped us from visiting the Cologne's gigantic Cathedral. Amazing piece of art and architecture. I suggest everyone who can, to visit it by himself. It's big on photos but to stand next to it, looking way way up at the towers, entering gigantic hall... looks astounding... and ominous tbh. Old city in Nurmberg is also beautifull. Cool that these old walls did survived for so long in good
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Hello ! Have You watched this years #mooneclipse2018 ? I hope You did ! What a show ! I've made 4k Wallpaper to celebrate this priceless event. It really moved me. #BloodyMoon that slowly revealed it's true nature is something, I will remember for whole of my life for sure ! It was also so pleasant as we did lay on hammock in garden, covering ourselfs from night cold with warm blanket. All the stars were resembling us of all the other people who were fortunate to admire this so rare sight. Myslef I felt kinda strange. I felt awe but also... felt united. I felt united as one with all the people who were present somewhere in the world i
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