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If you can't keep up, I'll go alone

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Jul 12, 2014, 12:17:19 PM
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Is there a place that's worth going all the way to it alone and give up on people and things important to you even if it was the person who owns the Other ring? sorry I bother you I know So I will stop really sorry.
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Oh, no worries. I love to talk about my art. :)
I think I better start to tell you that my pictures are stories, not diary entries (but there is always a bit of the writer in every story, I think). This particular picture came from a line in a song that was stuck in my head (Wanderlust by VERSA), and it got me thinking about the kind of people that feel a stronger bond to their ideas, dreams and urges than to other people. Those who are always on the move, if not literally so in their minds. And it also got me thinking about the way many longer relationships end - because two people who began their journey on the same path have changed with time and now walk different roads and at different paces, and will only get further from each other.
I wore the ring to make the composition more interesting. It's on the wrong hand for a wedding- or engagement ring (at least where I live). :)
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It's not that I thought it is a diary It's just that when I see a painting or a picture or read a story the character in it they are very real to me because they have an effect on me and on other people and all that  have an effect on the feelings of the people is real Whatever it Seemed fanciful  So when I saw the picture I never thought that the person  in it was you I thought he was the character in the story and talked about his attitude  I saw you  as the writer( I did not know that You are Really a writer then) But thank you for Incurring yourself the trouble of clarification :) There was a loud explosion sound  just now I'm going to cheak on my little sister probably she was awakened 
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Oh, my pleasure! :)
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I apologize again for being that kind of people andSweating a little...  Excuse me for my bad English Meow :3   and good day:) (Smile) 
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Oh, both you and your english are perfectly fine! :hug:
Take care and have a lovely day! :)
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oh nice, the ring really adds to it for me :clap:
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Oh, thank you! Hug 
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