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Jurassic World Evolution Therizinosaurus

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Jurassic World Evolution Therizinosaurus profile as requested!
Would like to add this dinosaur to your park?
2018 - PeterisBeter
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Brandon6451Professional Digital Artist
I sure hope so
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ToonHoltStudent General Artist
i do hope frontier add this guy into the game
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Did you give the Therizinosaurus here feathers? The wrinkled scales make it look like it has feathers. Personally, I don't like dinosaurs with feathers. You don't see monitor lizards running around with feathers. 
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein
My take on Einstein's quote is, if you can think it up, you can capitalize on it, as in make money off of it.
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Great job as usual.
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PeterisBeterHobbyist Digital Artist
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Garo123456Student General Artist
Hello, I like your fan-made ideas for animal profiles in ''Jurassic World- Evolution''! Granted I doubt there will ever be Paleozoic and Cenozoic animals in the game, but this is what fanon is for right? I will give you requests/suggestions on this and 3 other pictures showing the 4 big categories (excluding hybrids)- Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Aquatics and Cenozoics. Bear in mind I am not forcing you to make these pictures ASAP. Take your time and feel free to use images from Internet (sorry if the lists are long, hope you like them). So first of all, here are 26 more dinosaurs I would like to see in ''Jurassic World- Evolution'':
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PeterisBeterHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Thats quite a lot! But I definitely see some cool dinosaurs! Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I think I can work on my 'series' for much longer :D (Big Grin) 
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Patchi1995Hobbyist Artist
What about Stegoceras, Protoceratops, Anatosaurus, Prenocephale, Giraffatitan, Paralititan, Ægyptosaurus, etc.?
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PeterisBeterHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the ideas. I think a will use some!
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Garo123456Student General Artist
Well, hope you are prepared for a long rant. First of all, obviously the game can't have in it every genera of dinosaur ever found (let alone every extinct species of animal). Second, these species are redundant and unoriginal (Giraffatitan is basically a Brachiosaurus from Africa instead of North America, Anatosaurus is probably another name for Edmontosaurus, Aegyptosaurus and Paralititan are the same as Argentinosaurus except they are from Africa instead of South America, plus the deviant here already made a Microceratus profile which makes Protoceratops obsolete, while Stygimoloch and Dracorex are better then Prenocephale and Stegoceras). Third, ''Jurassic World: Evolution'' is suffering from the same syndrome as ''Zoo Tycoon'' and Ludia's mobile app games- they have boring and obscure species just to pad out the game(s) while choosing the lazy way and re-using computing data, ultimately leaving out the better ones and giving us half of the experience we deserve. ''Zoo Tycoon 2'' had an African Warthog and a Metridiochoerus, a Gray and an Ethiopian Wolf, but it lacked Llamas, Big Horn Sheep, squid/octopus, whales, hadrosaurs and sauropods like ''ZT1''. Ludia also does this- ''JP- Builder'' had a (mostly) great species roster, however many of the awesome animals (Compsognathus, Albertosaurus, Iguanodon, Ouranosaurus, Anomalocaris, Megalograptus, Basilosaurus, Livyatan, Megalania, Procoptodon, Castoroides, Gigantopithecus) are absent in ''JW- The Game'' and instead we have lame species like Tanycolagreus, Eolambia, Bonitasaura and Unaysaurus.  Bear in mind these are only a few examples. And they (Ludia) repeat this dumb decision again in ''Jurassic World- Alive''.  The list of bad decisions is much bigger than this. Which means that 6 species in ''JW- Evolution'' should be removed since they are more boring/redundant compared to the others- Archaeornithomimus, Chungkingosaurus, Huayangosaurus, Maiasaura, Muttaburrasaurus and Pentaceratops. And fourth, I know these species have their share of fans but this is a personal list and a fanon idea. I shouldn't be judged for my personal opinions/preferences, especially when it's not even implemented in the game by the developers. But admitedly, some of my ideas/opinions should be considered a valid point. For example, just like ''JP- Operation Genesis'' this game lack any dinosaurs from the Triassic period, which feels wrong. Heck, even ''Zoo Tycoon 1'' from the year 2002 has Triassic dinosaurs along with Jurassic and Cretaceous (as well as some Ice Age animals). So far, only the first episode of ''Walking With Dinosaurs'' and Poharex's mod for ''Carnivores'' pays Triassic dinosaurs their deserved respect. Ramblings aside, ''JW- Evolution'' still has plenty of other issues which need adressing (no sleeping animations/AI for dinosaurs, horrible terraforming tool, retarded human guest AI, lack of park decorations, you cannot save your in-game screenshots at all, inability to buy/move things in when the game is paused, etc). I hope this long wall answered your question. Please don't make me type anymore, because I am not in the mood for long essays full of words.
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