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Tutorial_Make Folder Icon Fast

A tutorial i made for my brother, and i thought it's nice to share with you all too. a easy and fast way to make Folder icons.

Package includes:
1 Quicktime Video
2 Photoshop CS3 Document
3 A Promo image.

Recorded by Bide Cui
© 2008 - 2021 petercui
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Nice tutorial!  Thank you :-)
Thank you very much , it was easy for me and I enjoyed make it  
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nice work,,,,,,,,,.
Very nice.

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Which format should i use to save my folder icon??
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Thanks for the tut. Joy!
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Thank You, I can't to try this out
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Thanks so much for the tutorial. Joy!
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awesome tutorial ...
The mouse appearance is nice,is there any way for xp?
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great tutorial :)
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I am glad you like it :D
Btw i am sorry for the late reply i just completed my 1500 hours challenge with out DeviantART. Now i am back :D
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Very nice, very nice! Simple, yet has a nice outcome, very similar to the Mac OS X Leopard folder. Great job!
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Thank you *hugs*.
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You're welcome (hugs back).
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man that was good
thanks : )
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simply AMAZING!
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Thank you :D seriously.
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No, thank YOU for your brilliant video-tutorial.
I'm not a newbie with Photoshop, but I always improve myself when a great tutorial explain me some techniques.
Thank you very much, really, I hope you'll share your art and your skills a lot of times!


Bruno (Abulafio)
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You are very welcome my friend. I am glad you find this video useful. Wish you all the best.
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Downloading now !, thanks :P.
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Thank you for the support, Merry Christmas to you.
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Fantastic tutorial :)!
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