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Travel into, Line wallpaper 3



- Travel Into ( Also call " Travel 'WithHer' " ), Line wallpapers 3

About naming the wallpaper:
At first i call it, 'Travel withHer' but then i felt it doesn't go well with the design, then i change the name to "Travel INTO". But inside the Wallpaper Package, you will still find Travel "withHer" in the Read-Me file, i don't want to re-upload the package, because of my slow internet connection.. please excuse the mistake i made.

- 2-3 Hours
- Photoshop
- I must apologize that Prints are not and will not be available for this artwork.

The wallpaper package includes:
- 17 wallpapers in total.
- sizes : 2560 x 1600 and 1600 x 1200.
- 8 wallpapers Per size, 1 Special Clean Version.
- 8-Colors: DeepBlue, ForestGreen, Gray, LadyPink, OrangeRed, Purple, RichRed, SpecBlack.
- Include special Clean-Version, 2560 x 1600
- ReamMe text document, and please read it. ( Excuse my funny English )

Other Travel Wallpaers:
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