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By petercui
Hard to think of a name for this one... and the outcome is completely different from what i had in mind in the very beginning.
Is Kind of hard to made something new all the time.. and this one is kind of experiment piece.


For Displays : Up to 30 inch WIDESCREEN LCDs
Wallpaper Color Profile : sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Wallpaper size : 2560 x 1600 ( ONE SIZE ONLY )

Total of 5 Wallpapers in this Package
Software: Adobe® Photoshop® CS3


All Peter Cui Bide's Wallpapers are free for personal use.
You CAN NOT use any of my artwork for Commercial or Profitable purposes.
© 2007 - 2021 petercui
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How prettyyy .. I can see how there is a theme of traveling in here.. very appropriate name ^^
Thank you!
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Thank you so much!!! I use it here: [link]
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I really like this one! Thanks so much for sharing. :)
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love it! i wonder if you could do it with more colors...i could have it rotating and see more variations of this nice wallpaper! :)

I've been using this wallpaper for years.

I use all five colours in a daily rotation: black in the dead of night; green at dawn; blue (original then pro) during the day; pink in the late evening.

Gnome's fade transition works wonderfully with these. My background is always suspended somewhere between two of the colours, and fades gradually between them over 24 hours.

I know the times of day by these colours. In my mind, a sunrise is green and dusk is purple.

I haven't found a way to mix two of the colours that doesn't look beautiful. (Even pink and green combine to make a lovely pearly grey.)

The combination of geometry and elegant organic shapes is still engaging after spending years with it. I can't decide whether it's a fantastical plant in space, or under the ocean… or in the ocean of an alien world.

The semi-translucent white in which it's engraved is modest enough never to intrude, but on closer inspection its subtle textures create remarkably physical light, shade and depth.

Utterly exquisite. Thank you.

Greg K Nicholson
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I have a laptop skin like this. It had your link at the top right
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simply awesome... by the way, when will you post your next tutorial?
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very impresive!
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This one is very cool :iconkokorox:
Great work! :+favlove:
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cool wp looks nice
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It's really amazing!
Using right now, I love it!
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Thank you very much :D
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It has attracted more wondrous
We have impressed me
Your wonderful
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Damn nice artwork, I love the colors!
Thanks for sharing; Fav! =)
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You are welcome.
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Very beautiful! =), thanks!
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Beautiful! I've been looking for something like this for my laptop. Thanks!
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