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Saving the New iPOD - Updated2

nothing more to say, i think the new ipod shuffle looks so bad! it need some help, so i am giving a try...

You can put some XXX as "Hot" stuff on too. or StarWars, Batman...... Anything you like. I wish this can actually happen.

Credit: the portrait drawing is by :icontheredavenue:
actual link to the original artwork : [link]

updates countless times..
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With the horrible headphones that apple has for this iPod, it doesn't deserve to be saved.
But you're definitely doing a good job at it!
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I didn't like it very much. I don't think too small is good, i still like the old Clip Shuttle with buttons
Zeal-Aspen's avatar
omg, I actually thought you could do this for a moment. you got me. I would trade my ipod for an engraved one like these any day. I wish, dam.
petercui's avatar
Thank for the comment i appreciated.
and i apologize for the late reply, I just completed my 1500 hours of challenge and now i am back to DA again :D
Zeal-Aspen's avatar
Your welcome! 1500 hours of what exactly?
SAMtheMAN99's avatar
Great, now I really want a laser engraving machine. SEE WHAT YOU DO TO ME?
The1Blur's avatar
thats sweet!!
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Thanks my friend for the comment.
The1Blur's avatar
no prob Peter.
Noki07's avatar
nice idea like 32gb BS
and others r good too.. but this ipod SUCKS
petercui's avatar
it's really a boring ipod
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LeftSquareBracket's avatar
This is sheer brilliance. And I agree, the COMPLETELY blank face of the new shuffle just looks weird.

Also, congrats on scoring the Gizmodo post!
petercui's avatar
It's a nice canvas to fool around with :)
rce-ordinary's avatar
what a weird ipods :wow:
petercui's avatar
i think so too.
herky140's avatar
great idea!
lol "updates countless times".
too true. ;)
petercui's avatar
hahaha Yes. Lots of time.
dtownley1's avatar
Slick work mate! Some great ideas there!
Maybe you should hold a contest for other peoples' entries and do a feature on the winner ;)
petercui's avatar
Actually i am not sure. if i will do that..haha
petercui's avatar
hahah GOod idea!!!
Now need to start looking for sponsor ships hahaha.
dtownley1's avatar
Oh, I didn't mean for actual engravings - just for people to enter their own designs, just like you did.
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