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this is still a beta concept, need your help to make it better.
like Spelling and Grammar, more idea and so on.

Non Copyright Product
NCP is a concept that i have come up with. With this NCP label, my artwork and other types of art or design is copyright-free, and royalty-free, it became a contribution to the human society, where everyone is allow to use NCP labeled artwork for any purposes. but your still own the artwork is just that you are donating your artwork to the human society.

To became a NCP Member :)
All you need is a Willing Heart.

Submission Rules
• A Willing Heart
• You must own everything in the Artwork that you are going to submit.
• Any kinds of Artwork and Design is welcome
• All NCP Labeled Artwork are not allow to have Watermarks
• You need to include the NCP label on the artwork preview
• Please Zip the NCP document files with you artwork.

End Users Commitment
• Please to not go and register you own Copyright on to any NCP labeled Products.
• If you want to make profit from a NCP labeled product, please take 5-10% of the money you made and donate the money to you local charity to help them to make this world a better place.
• Be responsibility by following the simple rules :)

this is a downloadable file, in side you will get the .Png NCP Label.


NCP Products:
By *petercui :
Christmas Card: [link]
Christmas Wallpapers :[link]
Nature Wallpapers : [link] , [link]
Travel 11 : [link]

By other artists : [link]
© 2007 - 2021 petercui
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It's the first time after 6 years on DA that I find someone who things the same as I; sharing his works with the world. Feels so good :)
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nice philosophies you have my friend. I've just started taking a career in design fulltime seriously an discovered DA whilst I was at it.

The great thing that I had to go to uni to find out about this industry is that basically as soon as you create something.....just before your hand disengages the mouse or the stylus drops from your hand copyright is automatically applied to all artworks.

This is a great way to send a chill out msg to the world tho with NCP. Maybe use a lil bit of NLP while your at it. I like yor stuff looks nice, clean and professional.

i'm still getting the hang of this place and just realised you dropped this thread over a year ago....

woops ok then, cya laters then
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I'm working on my own website, there will be free icons, skins and emoticons for download, i'll include these images next to free downloads.

Thank you for sharing, i really love this.
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Thanks for the support.
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I agree with you, copyleft rules! :+fav:
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I think I might gonna give up on these thing.
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What's the difference between NCP and Public Domain? o.o
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I don't know much about Public Domain. I am will to learn about it. And thank you for the comment.
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Public Domain basically lets anyone to do anything with it, including commercial purposes, but no one may claim a copyright on it.
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Great. Thanks. :)
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Nice idea! i love it! that's remember to the GPL ones :)
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Thank you for the support, Merry Christmas to you.
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oww, thank you!!! merry chistmass to you too
of course, i should start to apply all my things the NCP philosophy :D
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Fantastic idea, hooray for you! I'll be putting this on all my work from now on, and I'll be supporting this on my site :)
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:hug: Thank you for the support, and i Appreciated it Greatly, Merry Christmas to you.
This is a great idea!
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100% free right?
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No offense, but is this actually a fork of the thing called "pulic domain"?
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Thanks. This concept still have a long way to go, and advice is important. Thank you very much.
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