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Christmas Dock Icons

By petercui
Christmas Dock Icons
• Mac and Windows Icons
• 6 Pngs at 256 x 256 ( for people who want to remake the icon themselves )
• Big Thanks to ~mikejon45, he converted the Pngs for me. He is so quick even send to my e-mail. thank him very much.
• Now supports Windows Vista. Again thanks Mike for the help :)

Check out other Christmas Gifts:
Wallpaper Package 1 : [link]
Wallpaper Package 2 : [link]
Wallpaper for 1280 x 1024 only : [link]
Cards : [link]

Non Copyright Product
NCP is a concept that i have come up with. With this NCP label, your artwork and other types of art or design is copyright-free, and royalty-free, it became a contribution to the human society, where everyone is allow to use NCP labeled artwork for any purposes. but your still own the artwork is just that you are donating your artwork to the human society.

You Can make profit from NCP label products:
If you want to make profit from a NCP labeled product, please take 5-10% of the money you made and donate the money to you local charity to help them to make this world a better place.

Want to learn more about NCP go to this [link]
© 2007 - 2021 petercui
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Thanks!  Will use in my app

HeatherTyter's avatar
Thank you for your generosity
Amaizing giftbox !!! Great job *petercui !!!
Do You have it in better resolution? If so, can You share it or send it to my email: PLEASE
thank you for this. I used the tree for a backround. Coming soon in my profile.
I like the licence...
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NCP - what a wonderful thing! Thank you! :hug:
Ton-K300's avatar
N-boy's avatar
Thanks for these nice icons =)
sukkiGoh's avatar
so adorable - thanks for the share!!
petercui's avatar
Your avatar is also very very adorable. :D
SmarTramS's avatar
Fantastic! Posted on We Love Icons!
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Thank you very much.
jazzluv's avatar
really beautiful
SheikhNaveed's avatar
I wanna learn something with you

1. Either you have drawn this one from any image
2. Can show me your process in getting this design.
3. or refer me to some other resources
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petercui's avatar
Pleasure is all mine.
Thank you so much for all the Gifts that you've given to us... :heart:
...Especially the gift of sharing yourself & your talents with us :hug: :heart: :hug:
You are an inspiration!

I wish you Happiness & Peace. Happy New Year.
opbeta's avatar
Same here koelo...i really need a tutorial on the ornament ball right now for my Xmas Vs i am working on.

But never the less, excellent work! Your works of Christmas filled goodness is an inspiration to my new Vs for Christmas. I will be sure to post a screenshot of what is to come. Thanks man and SEASONS GREETINGS!!!!

Note: My new up and comming Vs for vista is going to be named Onpoint Christmas ZERO.
petercui's avatar
thanks for the support.
But i am sorry at the moment i don't have a plan for tutorials, i am busy with some family matters :(
I'll keep that in mind, Wish you well, and a advance Marry Christmas to you and your family.
opbeta's avatar
Ok...I understand....but thank you. and May I use you Christmas Ornament as my start button?
petercui's avatar
sure you can :) Sorry for the late reply, I just came back from a long trip.
opbeta's avatar
sweet...thanks....and i hoped you had a nice trip
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