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Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation, 2009.

If you're interested in the invite, please email me through my website at Thanks very much!
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I would like to purchase a template -
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Not for nothing but that looks so 19th century
I would like to purchase a template -
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Sigh. You continue to get ripped off all across the Internet. People have made hundreds off of you (probably more).…
Peter, I'd like to purchase a template. Please respond to cristysr at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance I'd like to purchase a template
Please email me desireecastrogmail
I still love this's amazing to me how many people have ripped it on etsy and the like...testament to the strength of the design I suppose. Nice work!
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im planning a wedding and wanted to ask if you have these available for sale or as a template? its absolutely beautiful
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This is absolutely MARVELOUS!!  Wheeee!  How could the event be anything less than stupendous if it starts like this?!  Extraordinary work, Sir!  Clap 
Hi Peter, Is this available as an editable download?  Please let me know - Dawn at
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LOOOL I love it 
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This is pure beauty.
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I've never seen anyone get ripped off so much on Etsy.

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Jesus, thanks for the tip again, I owe you!
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That kind of crap really pisses me off. I've had it happen to me. That person made at least EIGHT sales off of your hard work.

The one here [[link] is still doing it. She has made DOZENS of sales off of your design.
You're so talented, Peter. I would love this as my wedding invitation and web page. Can you tell me what your designs would cost for such a project?
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Thanks very much for all the comments. If you're interested in the invite, please could I ask you email me through my website at as it's much easier to deal with than via deviantart. Thanks very much!
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Do you have a template that I could buy so I could do them for my own wedding this September?
We have been looking for invitations to make ourselves for a while now and this is by far the best idea and very fitting for our day. :-)
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This is fab, I'd love to have my invites like this. :)

What cost is this template please? We love the style and the words and would want to change the Names and detail of course.
Dave in OZ
I would like to talk to you about doing our wedding invitations. I love the look of this invitation and it very closely fits the style of my upcoming wedding. I have already taken the information from this invitation and wrote up the wording for ours. Can you please contact me with some information as to the cost, time line and needed info for this style of invitation?
Thank you for your time
! i love this invite. was wondering how much something like this would run?
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