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Hello, everyone!

Whitney and I have been working hard over the past few months to increase production of bonus materials in our Patreons. In addition, I've decided to start doing weekly streams on Picarto where I will be taking quick sketch commissions from viewers, drawn while you watch. These streams will take place on early Sunday afternoons (starting around 1 or 2 pm EST) and slots will be available for anyone who watches.

Here are the details:

- Flat price: $40/character*
- Detailed backgrounds: $15 extra (basic backgrounds can be included)
- NSFW commissions are allowed, both pinup-style and adult. I will not draw any extreme subjects though and reserve the right to decline any request.
- If multiple people in the stream audience want a sketch, each slot will be decided via roulette spin prior to being drawn
- Each sketch will be completed on camera before the next will be taken. No sketches will be drawn off camera, and no new commissions will be taken outside of the streams. You will be provided with a hi-res scan of your sketch once it has been completed.
- Sketches are drawn in traditional pencil and may include light toning. Inking/coloring options are not available for these pieces.
- Whitney herself may even join the stream on occasion to take sketch requests as well, depending on if Lena is napping at the time.

*This is a temporary "Early Bird" price which I will put in place for the first stream runs. This price may change further down the road, but I'll announce ahead of time before it does.

Add our stream page to your watch list to be notified when each stream goes live:

Also make sure to follow us on Twitter to be notified when each stream goes live:…

Note that we may not always post stream notifications to our galleries on here and on FA, so the best way to make sure you don't miss a stream is to follow our Picarto and Twitter accounts above. 

We did a test run of the first stream on June 30th, and it was pretty successful, so we are officially kicking things off on Sunday, July 7th. From here on out it will be a regular weekly event, so if you've been waiting for the chance to get a custom sketch, plan to attend! 

Thank you, everyone!
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