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Whit N Wild: Page 16 (Boob Play Preview)

Another glimpse into the sexy showertime fun going on in Whit N' Wild, the latest adult comic series being published over on Patreon, FurAffinity and Twitter! I won't be uploading all of the pages here on DA (though this one will be less explicit than previous adult P&W series) but will occasionally post ones that are my favorites and make for a good preview of the rest.

This is page 16 out of 24, so if you want to read the rest, be sure to follow our P&W NSFW Twitter account, or support us on Patreon to get these pages early each month!

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It takes him two hands to grab one purple marshmallow.

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Yup, and even then both hands together can barely contain it.
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He better get a good grip or it’s gonna be a slip n slide ride.

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Well, depending on what he's trying to do with them at that point, that COULD be a good thing! XD
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Nothing wrong with you sucking up to your lady.

Or you sucking ON your lady.

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