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My name is Jonathan Ponikvar. I'm a published comic artist who graduated from SCAD with a Bachelor's in Sequential Art (comics and cartooning), with additional graduate-level training under my belt in the same field. I now work professionally as a Multimedia/Web Developer while producing/publishing comics and pinup illustrations. I've also been known to play some crazy piano on occasion. My wife Whitney is also one of the most talented artists I know, and together we are the creative team behind two comics that have been published online since 2005. Her character is also the focal point of an annual pinup cosplay series that I produce around Halloween each year.

The Peterverse is the name of the universe where both our comics take place. Peter & Company tells the story of a young cat named Peter and his special friend, a duck named Seth whom only Peter can see. Peter & Whitney is the sequel series to P&C, telling the story of how Peter and his soulmate Whitney find each other in college and start their lives together.

Peterverse Comics and Websites:
Peter & Company - "What if, to a child, what appeared to be an imaginary friend... were in fact, his guardian angel?" The story of Peter and his friend Seth, a supernatural duck who was assigned to help Peter survive his childhood intact. Currently available in printed volumes via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and coming soon in animated form.

Peter & Whitney - The story of two childhood friends finding each other again in college, falling in love, getting married, and everything that happens in between.

The Peterverse Picarto - Watch our weekly streams on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, as Whitney and I both work together to get our comics and other projects done.

Favourite Visual Artist
Frank Cho, Bill Watterson, Gary Larson
Favourite Movies
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox 360
Tools of the Trade
Blue col-erase pencils, Windsor-Newton Series 7 #3 brush, waterproof ink, watercolors, Photoshop.
Other Interests
Cartooning, comic strips, graphic novels, music, video games, moon pies


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Well, look at it from her perspective. Her husband is a pinup artist whose only preferred subject is HER. I've likely done close to a thousand images of her (both clothed and nude, in comics and pinups), and she's absolutely LOVED it. She told me once that the fact that her boobs are the only ones I'm interested in drawing actually makes her feel really confident in our relationship.

We've been together 15 years now and I'm still just as drunk on her beauty as ever. This is just my way of sharing it with the world.

Hehe thanks! I try to make her cartoon version as close as I can to the real life one. :)

Also, I typed all that up on the DeviantArt app on my phone, and it completely removed all the hard line returns, turning that into one massive wall of word soup. Sorry about that, too! Yet another reason why I don't use DA all that often, lol.

The ''Furry'' Problem

Hehe no worries. I don't reply specifically to troll comments, but rather to ones that either 1) seemed to be trying to discuss something that I don't understand is relevant to the original rant (though now I can see how you intended it to be), or 2) who seem to take an issue with my original write-up that just seems to misconstrue my intent. I won't look up the artist you mentioned, since I don't really NEED to see what "sexually deviant" content they've been posting. I'll take your word for that one, since I follow a good number of fellow furry artists on Twitter (many of whom I'm close friends with) and haven't seen any of them mention this individual, either. So if he's done direct harm to the image and reputation of the furry fandom, it hasn't been enough to reach a widespread audience (at least, not yet). And to answer your other question: this post came out in the mid-2010's, and within a year of two of me writing it, Zootopia was released. That one film single handedly obliterated my thesis and rendered the entire argument I made obsolete, since now we are seeing furry characters being widely accepted and utilized in new content ALL OVER the animation, film and video game industries. Turns out it just took the power (and financial influence) of Disney to break the furry curse, it seems. And yeah, I could just delete this post and move on, but I keep it on here for the same reason I don't go back and redraw my first comic strips in Peter & Company, which is now almost 20 years old. I simply like seeing a record of where I've come from and how far my own work (or in the case of this topic, how far the various industries) has grown in recent years. I don't reply to most of the comments because again, the point itself that I tried to make has long since been rendered obsolete, so there's no point in trying to argue for or against it with people who are just now reading and discussing it as if it were still relevant today. I'll be honest: I've considered writing a follow up post in recent years to try and amend (or at least update) my views on this issue. But at this point it doesn't seem like it's really needed, since nothing I could say would improve the situation beyond how it's already been fixed. Also, this post has had an INCREDIBLE longevity, and I still see it bouncing around on other sites like Tumblr, Facebook, or various image boards, and I feel like I should keep the original post in place just to make sure folks know its original source. So yes! My apologies if I made you think that I considered you a troll or anything like that. I hope this clears things up. If you'd ever like to talk more directly about this (or any other subjects), drop me a DM on Twitter at the account PeterandWhitney: (specifically on Twitter; I don't check my notes or comments on this site NEARLY as often, and I try to make sure I get back to people in a timely manner if they take the time to actually write me a message directly). I always appreciate hearing from folks and discussing things like this. :)

The ''Furry'' Problem

I have no idea who that even is or why any of that is relevant to a post that's now 6 years old.

The ''Furry'' Problem