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you can find me and all my show dates here…

aka ink4884 on Instagram
lets do this. list is open
cya guys there! Early march :)

My list is Open!

hey guys its a new year, lunar new years as well 2

and i wanted to talk about my first couple conventions of the year. here is a sneak peak of stuff im going to color for the upcoming shows im coming too.

pune comic con in india! feb 18th

wonder con Anaheim march 25-27

Seattle April 7 -10th

San Diego Jul 20 to 24th

Pre commissions list are open for the following shows . Feel free to email me or ask me through tumblr i will give you a price list privately.

AMAZING COMIC CON believes in showcasing the best talent in the comic industry, from Hall of Fame talent to the best present day creators. We place these talents next to the best from the locals and home grown talent. Our latest addition to the guest list blends this-…

excited for a home town show! cya guys there.

san diego comic con 2015

Tue Jun 30, 2015, 12:01 PM

who going?!?!
cause i am
and ill be in artist alley table hh20

  1. Long Beach Comic Con in Feb 28th to march 1st
  2. Emerald City Comic Con March 27th to 29th(CONGRATS!)
  3. Wonder Con in Apirl 3.4. and 5th
  4. San Diego Comic Con

Also if you email me ill be doing two shipping commissions. I don’t usually do shipping commissions but i get allot of requests so i thought i be fair. If your already on this list im working hard on it right now :)

Have a great 2015  con season and cya you guys all soon

message me or email me at ink4884 at gmail com for rates and inquiries.

WonderCon Anaheim 2015: April 3, 4, and 5!

NYCC 2014


table Artist Alley K4

be there or be square.

Hey guys and gals

Im returning to the great north. Im a  last min add to fan expo Toronto. I’m not on the fan expo page but i will be there. I should be at table P29B and i will have prints to sell and will be taking commissions. If you want to get on my list please email me

In4884 gmail com

Hey guys the con season , tough lighter than the last couple years still revving up.

I am taking commissions for the follow shows. You can see some examples in my gallery and you can email me directly at ink4884 gmail com

Fanexpo Toronoto

Long beach comic con

and New york comic con.

san diego was a great show and i had allot of great surprise moments at the show. I been announced on wolverine Logan legacy and i been working diligently . Cant wait to show you guys what i have .
so wonder con was a great local show for me and Chicago is a show that i love to revisit each year. Then in two months is San Diego comic con. Where i cant count how many times Ive done that show as a fan and now at least 4 times as artist alley participant.

Im get excited thinking about the biggest comic con show on the planet but than comes the stress and i just have to remember i need to pace my self before and during the show.

So the prep begins now. So that i don't procrastinate till the last min. I'm working on new prints and i am aiming to get some stuff together.  let me know what kinda of stuff you want to see from me and let the prep begin.


taking commisions for San diego is open right now. Email me for rates and info
ink4884 at
So im doing a two shows this month , starting with wonder con and c2e2.

 My table is under ink4884 for some reason AA-113. (Avenging avenger 113th member?) for wondercon

I am now accepting commisions for both shows. Email me at ink4884 at gmail com

safe travels and check out my new prints at both shows.

Where i should have an artist alley table...

first show of the year for me is Emerald city comic in seattle  -March 28-30

-Second is  wonder con Anaheim April 18-20

-Third  is c2e2 April  25 -27

-First sunday is May is FCBD (unannounced)

-Fourth is San Diego Comic con  Jul 24-27

(im sure there will be some more between these two shows)

-Last but not least  is NewYork Comic con  Oct 9 -12

Im sure there are more to come between these but these are solidified shows for right now. I always love meeting new people at these shows if any of these are you near you please stop by

  • Peter Nguyen [Booth #2000]
  • So you can find me at the booth above.
Ctn was a great show, i got to meet drew struzan and i have to say he was one of the most interesting lectures. Ive heard from an art professional. Very insightfull.

Next week ill be at long beach comic con. I missed last couple shows but im back and i cant wait to see if the show has changed at all.

Should be Fun.  Cya guys there 


November 15-17, 2013

Ctn Expo
My Last show of the year will be CTN!(Ive never done it before)
 I will be sharing a table with a good friend of mine Yasmin Khudari.Cant wait to end the year with a bang. Cya guys!
Besides eating working eating working eating swimming working. I will also be attending some shows

September 28-29, 2013

las vegas comic

November 24-25, 2013

long beach comic con

October 10-13, 2013

Newyork Comic con


October 20, 2013


November 15-17, 2013

Ctn Expo
My Last show of the year will be CTN!(Ive never done it before)
 I will be sharing a table with a good friend of mine Yasmin Khudari.Cant wait to end the year with a bang. Cya guys!
Cya guys up north. I think I'm table 83. Not to sue. I'll have prints so stop by. Stop by anyway . I love asking Canadians questions about your  potato chips

This will be my 3rd year returning as a artist alley participant and i couldn't be more excited. At the same time if you see me sleeping at my table on the fourth day please excuse me. If you ever done a show like comic con you know its a marathon . A marathon of fun of course. I paced my self last year and i plan to do so again.

I cant wait for the show start and this year i plan on trying something new. Please look forward to it.
My table i believe is HH20. look for the great whilce portacio i am sitting next to him. (we sat next to each other at wonder con and the ones in charge decided to put us back together(should be fun) )

Also if you are personally prepping for comic con. Good luck.


also im doing Florida super con in maimi . If you cant make it to west coast  , try to get me there.