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x-men outback inks!

*nerdalert* all i could thinking while i was inking , If gateway and nightcrawler teleport this team in who would even dare stand on the other side. The reavers dont stand a chance lol
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Some beautiful rendering man. A few wonky bits of anatomy - Wolvie's arms and hands, Nightcrawler's left wrist, the foreshortening on Longshot's arms - but overall nicely done. I agree with fydbac, many artists tend to draw Storm (and Psylocke, and sometimes Jubilee) with Euro features; a quick fix on some of the structural issues here would make this drawing A+
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What the hell are Euro features?

Storm has been described in a late 80s comic book by Chris Claremont as having mixed features due to her mutant nature. I think it's in one of the comics where she was turned into a teenager. it's said that one aspect of her mutation is the fact that she has black skin, asian eyes with cobalt blue feline irisis and caucasian features. I know that now, with P.C. in full effect she is usually rendered as a beautiful black featured woman and that is ok with me just as long as they keep the cobalt blue cat like irisis that are such a staple of her iconic look.

Aditionally the rendering on this beautifull piece is very much in line with how she is depicted in comics so i don't see the need to change anything.

I love this update of the outback team (except for Magneto and Nightcrawler who were never there) and would definatelly love to see these guys together with this roster. Keep up the excelent work.
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I googled it to be safe. Here we go.

The science of assigning race based on skull features is called craniofacial anthropometry. Forensic anthropologists determine identification by developing a biological profile, as skulls within racial groups have traits in common. There are three main groups: Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid. Black, or Negroid, skulls feature a broad and round nasal cavity and no dam or nasal sill. There is notable facial projection in the jaw and mouth area and a rectangular palate. The eye orbit shape is square or rectangular. The skull is dolichocephalic, which means longer from front to back proportionally.

Ok. Science out of the way, this means that a woman whose parents are both black would almost certainly have a homogeneous and typical skull shape adherent to negroid features, and an observant artist learns that general face and head shapes are common among people of one of the major races in contrast with another. 

Back to Storm.

Storm is a black lady, and a closer look at the Claremont explanation you cite (and I don't know the issue, so I'm taking your word for it) sounds to me like an explanation of why some artists couldn't draw racially diverse faces very well. It strikes me less as a matter of political correctness but instead an effect of greater attention to detail and widespread use of reference among artists today.

I hear you on Storm's unique features, but from the side skull shape becomes more apparent. Here, Storm is depicted with a flatter forehead to chin ratio and reflects a Caucasoid or even Mongoloid skull shape rather than Negroid. This is what fydbac and I agreed upon.

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Well that was a fail.

I know what you are saying. And yes maybe he (Claremont) was just excusing the lack of coherence the artists showed when drawing storm but that still makes it cannon (kinda) and gives artists the freedom to draw her without african features without it being wrong. And yes, you are still free to suggest corrections /bow

Personally I prefer Storm with the strong negroid features (with the feline eyes). It adds to the African goddess look.
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thanks before i color ill fix those crits the best i can. Yours and Fydbac
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I hope you don't mind my curiosity: but is the mohawk character supposed to be Storm? I ask because as the only prominent black woman in comics (especially one not revamped from an already established character), her facial structure looks completely european here.
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This is fantastic. I really like how this turned out, and I love how you drew all the designs. I wonder why Colossus STILL hasn't discovered pants though...

I'd love to try coloring this one, if you are alright with that.
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im down before you do let me post a revised version.
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Sounds good, thank you!
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I think this is my favourite bit of comic art ever. Brilliant stuff
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