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I want a joker tattoo
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I have this exact same photo I had no idea it was here too cool
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S-E-Triple X-Y!
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Dam, this is some good stuff....
Esteenas's avatar
The creepier the better I guess XD But nice one
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When searching "joker" there were a bunch of pictures of Heath and Leto's Jokers, but that's not what I was searching for, and then I found yours...perfect! Such a perfectly terrifying creepy well done visualization of the beautifully vile man that is Jack Napier (or Jack White or whatever alias he's using nowadays)!! Side note: I think the Creeper would have an entertaining discussion with this Joker about his hair.
rejectedartisyw's avatar
Looks similar to the injustice 2 joker and the Arkham games
ComandoCrash's avatar
Don't jump scare me or I might just have a heart attack
Woah, very creepy.
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Very awesome! Is it me, or does the Joker look like he has gone Super Saiyan? XD
Esteenas's avatar
XD He kinda does with that hairstyle haha. he got Super Insane you mean xD
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he is verry cool.
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This is so badass I love it 😍
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Excellent work!
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Nice interpretation of the Joker. Looks sharp, confident and vicious. I'm more concerned about the "mad" part though.
You can't put this grin on a person's face and have everyone say that he/she is going mad. Menacing, just like every other villain, but not disturbing.

This piece shines in terms of details and intensity though. I liked how you progressed during all those years too.
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that's gonna haunt me in my night mares.

love this pic!
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If I. Were Batman and this how the joker would have looked my reaction
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Good Joker painting.
Check out my custom Joker life size bust on my profile actions, there's a link
love the detail into though it looks raw
i want a joker tattoo also still trying to draw up one.
jacobzepeda's avatar
kinda looks like that face off guy
Vampirik-Gackt-sama's avatar
 A sick illustration of the Joker. Different style of the joker but I love the hair style and the make up of the red smile across his face. The clothing looks almost like you took a photo of somebody in a costume. The shadows around his face is amazing work.
infiniteXdreamscape8's avatar
That is so fucking cool!
Cool stuff. Imagine to get a bj from him!?
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