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ipad zombie

More work done with an ipad, used Photoshop to sharpen the image a bit.

I'm loving the ipad as it gives me a chance to digitally paint when I otherwise wouldn't find the time to. Most of this one was done over a couple lunch-breaks at work.

Used the Procreate app, and nomad stylus.
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Cool. I love your drawing so much.

I am new to procreate app. after a few trials, I think it is really good. I also used another app  named Mybrushes which is awesome, too.  It is similar to what procreate has, and have more funtions...  Go to Mybrushes iPad Drawing App
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Awesome scene!! Using PS touch or Photoshop for the touch up?
What did you use for the actual art? Sketchbook Pro?
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You did this with an ipad? An ipad? No tablet, an ipad! O_O *jaws fall down noisly*
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That's really cool!
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This looks awesome! Are you still drawing on your iPad and using procreate?
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looks like some goblin/ falmer zombie though :D
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So haunting... I love it!

Hey, would you be interested in joining #iArtistes
We would love you to be apart of the group :hug:
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Where can you buy a stylus? I seriously need one right now dude....
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That's sooooo awesome dude!!!
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This is the best piece of work I've scene on an ipad.
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Did it on iPad? :O
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Woo wow !!! That's amazing!!!!
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you did this on an ipad?!? O________o
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AWESOME. how do you like the nomad stylus? It seems so innovative and weird xD
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iPads a great platform to draw with, and you've done a excellent job on this great detail and lighting really like this one :D
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If i can do work that good i need to start playing with my Ipad.
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Dear StandAlone-Complex
Your Fantastic artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:
you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
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no offense, but are you really the same person who did that badass picture of scorpion? this looks retardo to me
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This was done with an iPad in 3hrs, what were you expecting?
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Holy sh*t... Lol.
If I could draw like this over a lunch break, I'd be considered a god(ess) at my University... XD

This is epic, by the way :wow:
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The face reminds me of LOTR orcs. This piece is pretty cool, though, it's not like the "usual" zombie. Good thing I just woke; if I'd seen this before bedtime I'd have nightmares about that thing.
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Wow! Really impressive man! :D
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