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The Death of Promises

Cover done for the third book in David's half-orc series. Finished this a little while back, around April I think.

Book Description:

After a bloody conflict with his brother, Qurrah Tun flees west with his lover, the strange and powerful Tessanna.

He seeks a powerful tome known as Darakken’s spellbook, guarded by paladins and priests of light. Qurrah hopes to cure Tessanna’s madness, but his newly returned master, Velixar, has far greater plans for the tome.

Only Harruq Tun and his friends can stand against the darkness his brother has unleashed. Velixar wants the throne and the secret that it hides, and to do so he will lay siege to the great city of Veldaren.

Kindle version:[link]
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Cleric versus Necromancer.
Light versus Darkness.
Life versus Death.

A fated conflict!!
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WOW!!! Stunning Work!!!
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wow! stunning!
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The fire is SO amazing...very impressive:highfive:
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Gorgeous fantasy scene ! :clap:
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Thanks for the feature :)
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Sweet! Can't wait to see it in bookstores :]
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Your work never ceases to amaze me!
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woah...amazing etail :D
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Fantastic work on the fire. On everything else as well, but the fire from the whip stands out, I think.
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As usual, just want to say Peter's amazing, his art is amazing, and I think I had the most fun in working with him on this cover. Oh, and the guy with the whip is a necromancer, and those are his pet undead. And yeah, the paladin there is completely screwed.

David Dalglish
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Nice one, I'm impressed
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extremely tyte ! especially with the whip(iron man2 style..except its made of fire ) :D love it mate
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Excellent. I love it.
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Dude, you are simply amazing!
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Phenomenal work! Haven't seen much of your stuff lately, good to catch a fresh glimpse here. Gotta say, I love the design on the armor and that fire whip is wicked, but what steals the picture me are those skeletons behind the... what is he, a mage? They look like their leering at the hero, as if to say "what the f**k you going to do now?" Great work!
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Appreciate the compliments bro! haha yea this one was a lot of fun to make, the guy in the background is a necromancer I believe.
Light will die, drowning in darkness.
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That is pretty awesome, but for some reason the lighting on his left foot, compared to the floor seems like its too sharp
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