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Street tagger - wip

A wip of some personal work, will probably add a cityscape or something to the background as I get further along.

Model used for the girl :iconmostlywaving:, thanks for the reference pic.
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:P looks like me when i was 17 lol
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
I love it !
Really great :la:
GirlyKnight's avatar
She a really hot girl as well
Hour27's avatar
Anyone else thought this looked like Borderlands 2? No? Just me? Whateves still awesome either way. :la:
tomytieneblas74's avatar
I think I saw this on Pintrest ! :)
JinxyArtist247's avatar
thats Amazing! um what did you do this with ? 
Meow :3 
Carni99's avatar
She reminds me of a Borderlands Siren. Good job. Luv! Heart :happybounce: 
ChilloHaus's avatar
AWESOOOOME!!!!!!! :wow:
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This is gorgeous! Would you mind if I used it as my sidebar icon for Tumblr as long as I gave credit?
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Knock yourself out, it's cool with me
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Just saw that there IS a finished one.
Do not mind this comment! Sry!

.. And great job! :>
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Nice! This looks very "APB-ish" a mmo game.
I would love to see a finished version :)
JustAnOddSock's avatar
id love to see the final of this it looks beautiful<3
i bow before your epicness :P x
bloollewellyn's avatar
this is beautiful =)
statyk94's avatar
sick drawing. face look phenomenal, as well as the dynamic pose. Inspirational =]
HelenaVerne's avatar
I like this the way it is. (Of course, added detail to it will be amazing, too.)
The state of it, I feel, embraces the actions about to be taken by the subject - spray painting.
I love the expression, too, it's very genuine and unprotected. Which is maybe not a stereotypical facial expression, but I feel it's an honest one.
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Her hair is so cool <3
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