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Sith Assassin

Sith assassin concept commissioned by a friend.
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manati20's avatar
Nice artwork. Love the lightsaber arm blades. She looks like one of the Night sisters in Dathomir
EldritchMage's avatar
That is pretty wicked looking.  Especially that right arm set up.  Very nice!
NODOGAN's avatar
now THAT'S an interesting LS variable that won't chop off your arm by accident, love the voodoo like stitch marks btw
PapierowySzczur's avatar
Kinda between Sith and undead. Nice.
KrodindaGreat's avatar
WOAHOHO! Nice art, dude! Very creative. +fav 
a very impressive image. full of menace!
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
TensaiSaiyan's avatar
Cool idea with the lightsabers. Won't ever have to worry about losing them.
bloodanarcy's avatar
Badass coolest lightsabers ever
xpegasus12's avatar
This is incredible
infiniteXdreamscape8's avatar
Very interesting concept with the lightsabers, well done!
HeroOfTengoku7K's avatar
Now that's how the Sith are masters of fear :evillaugh:
canisdarkangel's avatar
is she a sith? because she looks more like a dathomiri witch
TensaiSaiyan's avatar
That's what I thought when I saw her. And the Witches of Dathomir can be Jedi or Sith. Since they're suppose to be fairly force sensitive.
canisdarkangel's avatar
i cant see a dathomiri witch being a jedi. theyre too attuned to the dark side
TensaiSaiyan's avatar
Forgot that. But there could always be that weird one that goes more towards the light.
Carni99's avatar
I luv the day of the dead face. Rly cool, and evil. Muhahaha! Luv! <3
PASTEYx's avatar
Looks more like a Dathomir witch. (Yes, I might have misspelled that.)
Ravel22's avatar
Brother I don't know how you artists make these kinds of pieces (digital art)I sure wish I did.This is a very nice image,looks like what I see in my mind when someone says sith assassin.Great work!
DARTHTURDER12's avatar
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