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My Destruction

Done over the last couple days, 8hrs or so I think.

Haven't had much time to paint lately, and my work schedule is going to only get worse heh, so I probably won't be updating DA with any new art as often.

Hope y'all enjoy
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her lvl is baddass
TripleZandar's avatar
Steel will fix all your flaws 
wrath9's avatar
...or reconstruction, depends on how you view things, still it's quite the good composition of colours and sharp contrast between back- and foreground.....
Keep it up.....
clokverkorange's avatar
This generates so many ideas. Funny how a simple image can stir the creative juices and suggest entire stories.
SvalaW's avatar
Amazing work! I especially like that also the uncovered parts of her skin have that metal structure.
Arwey's avatar
Hur durr... Mantis? *g* reminds me of...


Btw what's with her earring? Is it a heart or just a triangle?
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Was Inspired by. Love me some psycho mantis =P

It's a heart, kinda hard to see though lol
Arwey's avatar
oh yeah.. She's badass.

Yep that's what I like best about your pictures... there often is something little you won't notice the first time you look at it (like pikachu, spngebob, that little heart, whatever).. makes your paintings really special. :>
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Thanks :) i sometimes try to add those little details to a painting for fun, glad you enjoy them :)
Arwey's avatar
I think this it what makes a pretty good picture in the end. C:
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mordil's avatar
Pretty! look like an amalgam of a dark eldar and a borg.
admiral-squee's avatar
Creepy, but beautiful. Creative outfit design, and awesome execution!
titsandtrees's avatar
Bad ass hair.

And everything else. <3
Alex-Wanderlust's avatar
Awesome painting! I love how you made the tentacles blurry. And she's just my type! :D
strainstrain's avatar
I like the idustrial feel of the painting:thumbsup:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
You have been featured here.
I hope that this is OK. :hug:
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Perfectly fine with me, and thanks for the feature :)
PhotographyRW's avatar
Fuck this is really good!
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