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Back to more fantasy themed work. Completed this one over the weekend, 10-15hrs total.

C&C always welcomed.
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Awesome outfit! Great work
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She is beautiful. An interesting character in my eye, her attire isn't the standard chain mail bikini, more of a leather, flowing armor. The staff and blade are nice, love the effort and detail put into her. The background shares the same quality, a moss covered grove of dead trees, all preserved from prying eyes by a thick, emerald fog. I quite like this, very well done. Keep it up.
Just can´t stop apreciating your art. Guy, amazing! Congratulations!
pauladaruk's avatar
I love the details and colours :)
Duchess-bgd's avatar
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soooooooooooo coooooooool
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Very Nice Piece!
The models pose is very natural and effective.
Armour and weapons are nicely detailed and simply awesome!
And the darker atmosphere and environment in general matches the image perfectly

Well done!
DBRv6's avatar
Excellent - great work with the wet/swampy atmopshere too.
Treyos's avatar
Beautiful work! Very dark and mysterious feel to it. And also, awesome name you've got there. ;)
Dendory's avatar
I like her outfit!
toasted-toast's avatar
Amazing. The atmosphere adds quite the effect.
No87's avatar
nice stuff man! really like the lighting and the colour in that.
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Very cool! That is some complex leg armor. She looks tough!
8-0-8's avatar
Awesome m'man, just awesome 8-)
The detail work you do is astounding. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you really should be doing cover art for sci-fi/fantasy novels. Any publisher would be nuts not to commission your work.
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Thanks man, hopefully I'll be getting more into some pro work sometime soon.
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Really lovely work. I love all the little details like moss and grass, especially the clothing
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Thanks, appreciate the compliments.
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Excellent stuff, keep it up.
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