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Another original character I've been working on. The armor was inspired a bit by some concept art I found on Morrigan, a character from Dragon Age: Origins. More work on this character coming soon, maybe some action scenes or something, dunno.

close ups -> [link]
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Can you please allow a good quality download size for this artwork?
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This is just too kickass for words. :D +Fave
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the sword looks great also good job on her dress
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Appreciate it dude
if only they u do that in the game.
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Stunning, I love the look of your character!
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The outfit looks awesome and I love her red hair :]
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Awesome!! I also saw some of the concept art of Morrigan. I wish more of it had made it ingame.
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Thanks :), yea always liked her design.
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You're welcome!:D
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Amazing work! Your color scheme works perfectly, love how you subdued your freezing cool colors with dash of warm red spead out. The contract between the jaggedy sharp branches which encloses the bulk of your background colaborates smoothly with the soft flowing movement of the hair and skirt suggesting the character's personality. You really nailed the contract. Which give the piece a narrative. Love the foreboding sense overall. Kudos my friend. Just one thing that disturbed me, her left leg. I would stay away from those kind of poses. She is your main subject she should be completely visible. Great job dude!
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Thanks a lot bro, appreciate the feedback and compliments :)
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was für Pinsel hast du verwendet?
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I mostly just used the standard hard/soft round brushes in photoshop, with a few texture brushes used on the ground, some areas of tree bark, and parts of her hair.
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great colours,details and excellent athmosphere
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Your costume designs are totally blowing my mind...not to mention the female lovelies...
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Always appreciate the feedback bro :)
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Well I'm not much of a critic...because I just love good work is all...
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