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Love iiiiiiiiit!!
GummyInABox's avatar
Hmm in some ways, I like the one before the last two steps the most.
Definitely a new favorite artist of mine....appreciate you showing the progression of your works.
Black-Lepus's avatar
sweet work!
looks really great and awesome ^^
morie91's avatar
Amazing details! I really adore your talent and like to follow your works ^_^ And thank you for steps and tutorials. Hope one day I'll be as good as you ;P
One question disturbs me. Do you use a lot of layers or paint everything on one?
Cat-walk's avatar
Very nice! You're really outstanding.
Sorry to bother you but, at the last panel, the whole image seems to get sharper and get a blue-ish tinge. What is it that you do to make that happen?
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Thank you very much. I used the unsharp mask filter to sharpen the image, and used the curves filter in Photoshop for the blue tint.
Cat-walk's avatar
Ah, thank you very much! I'll try this out. ^-^

No problem! ♥
Lyraina's avatar
Awesome, thanks a lot for sharing.
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
maggoteatyourskin's avatar
look like a photo D: freaking awesome!
RobinsonGurl's avatar
Incredible. Just....INCREDIBLE IS PUTTING IT LIGHTLY!! D : This is TOO awesome for words to explain~!!!
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Thank you for the lovely compliments :)
RobinsonGurl's avatar
You're quite welcome~ ^^
queenofhearts0490's avatar
omg...that was amazing!
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
queenofhearts0490's avatar
you are very welcome your art is amazing, oh and I love your tattoos
Selene-Blackthorn's avatar
this is brilliant.
I'm at the phase where I don't even know how to make even a rough sketch like that >.> being a line artist sucks. no perception for colors what-so-ever...
Peter-Ortiz's avatar
Just a need a little practice :), I dig the art you have on your page though.
Selene-Blackthorn's avatar
:blush: that's a great compliment coming from YOU! :faint:
Now I really gotta practice a lot so that I'd be able to use your tutorial...
JoelWhite's avatar
I'm curious, what did you do on the last frame to make it look like that. Just a blueish overlay? Looks great man.
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