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Inevitable Death

Another painting featuring the same characters from my previous painting [link] , changed the designs around a bit, but tried to keep them looking pretty similar . This one was just some personal work I wanted to mess around with though.

Ending up going through a shitload of different character positions, and still not as satisfied as I would like to be with their final setup, but I really need to start working on finishing my video tutorial, so time to move on.

Also sorry if you guys have to do any horizontal scrolling, the image is pretty wide ;x.

Closeups - > [link]

cc welcomed as always

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This together with it's companion piece tell a story that needs told. Gorgeous work!
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This is great. Don't often see star wars pics like this. It holds a lot of story while most star wars pics are just straight forward. I love it. I want to know who wins.
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Just one word : woah !
Really superb !
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Great Piece! Is this on Felucia?
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I love this piece! The way you make the sith look so creepy and unnatural really makes this an amazing piece:)
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This is amazing.
wauw i realy like the way you draw this scene :)
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Super Awesome!
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Very nice work and cool scene !
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Inevitable death, for those Sith warriors that is!
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Really well done.
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This looks incredible, amazing job. :clap: :)
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Now that's just awesome!
No words, dynamic action scene!
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CC - the sith in the upper left gets lost, u may want to consider completing some eye-lines to help the viewer travel around the entire work:
I would start by making the jedi's face look at him to set one focal line;
also have the bottom left sith's elbow pointing at him with the fore-arm/hand pointing toward the center sith;
then have the center sith's saber pointed at the sith in the upper left as if he is ready to slash down at the jedi, his saber-free arm&hand could stretch toward the jedi.
If there is concern about the focal point after these adjustments, a little more highlighting on the jedi would solve that.

:D Just offering a suggestion that would help the eye move all around your work.
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you already have so many accolades... but seriously -- it's really amazing, i'm a little lost with some of the eye-lines but there's an obvious focal point, and the determination in her face leaves on thinking --- who's inevitable death will this actually be? [link]
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If one is to die, then one should make their demise memorable. Glorious piece, tops off the previous one with ease. Great work, although considering you, no big surprise. Look forward to more.
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Fuckin epic, dude. Nothing makes me happier than a Jedi about to eat it. Hard. I love the Dementor-looking guy directing his minions.
Just epic, i love it.
I'm fairly new to the site, but I am an advid Star Wars Fan, as clearly you are as well. I love the art work, and the lone Sith directing his (or her) minions to carry out the dirty work. But I would like to say that the Jedi don't really believe in Death (There is no death, there is only the Force- Last line of the Jedi Code). Inevitable Defeat is what this beautiful panoramic is likely displaying.

Again, it is just a beautiful peice, and really calls out to the Fanboy in me. Excellent work!
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this is so damn cool!

great work!!!
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