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Some steps from my previous painting [link] , for any that were interested
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Gorgeous work!
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I almost like the 2nd to last image better than the final, w/o the blur applied to the wings...
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loving it all
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I always end up with my mouth wide open looking at your art, seriously *___*
Amazing!!! :heart:
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I think I liked it better before the blurring on both the background and foreground. It just feels like you blended away so much hard work! It's still stunning, though.
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Great job! One question though, did you use multiply for the color pass? :S
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Thanks man, for the initial coloring I used multiply.
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really really cool work, i like the detail in his amour and how you have painted the feathers on his wings. I think that your orignal pose with his sword in his right hand looked alot more natural, but it's still awesome either way :) keep it up!
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I love the process it took for you to get to the end results. Its fascinating how it looks way more difficult when you dont see the steps it took to get there. Keep up the amazing work.
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If It's not too much of a hassle, could you give a short explanation of what each step is?
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Stunning! You are definitely one of my favorite artists! The way you paint is just as breathtaking as the final piece!
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Like...??.... WTF????!!?!?! IT IS REALLY AWESOOOOME!!! luv it :stare:
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i dont know how but i seem to entirely miss the fact that he was covered in blood when i saw the first post D:<
I must be really scatter brained today <<
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lol, it's not just you, I missed it too X'D
(had to look at it again to make sure there really is blood X'D)
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Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing the process.
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Thank you, not a problem
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Wow, this is amazing! How long did it take if you dont mind me askin?
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Thanks bro, I'm guessing somewhere around the 20hr range, give or take.
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No worries.. haha a lot faster than me i think ;)
Keep up the good work, your stuff is amazing :thumbsup:
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