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Dragon Knights

Finally had some time to finish this one up [link] .Somewhere around 12hrs I think

Steps [link]
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very great work <3
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My gf and i should get our hair like this, totally inspiring! Your awesome! Been watching u for a few years now.
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The only thing I think I dislike is that we can't see the front of his armor because of the girl. It's all a real fantastic piece though that sorta adds to the dislike of being able to see the whole design of the armor.
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I love that hairstyle
Pyriceti's avatar
I love as well the sword and armor design, with a lot of details. Beautiful work!
ArmerSchwarzerKater's avatar
Woah, that's a fantastic work! Great picture, it's really, really well done!
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Um, that is one seriously sexy dude
manonezmekitz's avatar
i love this it is very nice !!
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The armor and sword design are a-friggin-mazing!

Got a back story for these two? (e-mail me privately if you'd rather)

His sword makes me think of SoulCalibur.

She makes me think of a sword-and-sorcery version of Lisbeth Salander... Which, given the pair's title, is appropriate ;-)
The level of detail is fantastic. Great work.
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Superb artwork.

So cool.

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You should really create a nice story whith these couple in this setting!
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why is she only wearing panties? :O
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This image is gorgeous, and perfectly fits a story I'm writing I will definitely open this page every time I need to re-inspire myself! Amazing work, you have real talent!
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it's plain awesomeness!
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How in the hell did you get the inspiration for their armors... and even better, the skills to make them lol.

Also, I would NEVER cross anyone who weilds that sword...
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Wow. this is amazing!
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