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Drac's brides-wip

Finally got around to working a bit on this painting today. Posted a earlier wip of it more than a month ago [link] . Still not completely done, hopefully another month from now I'll have it done :p
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He kinda looks like Eric Draven from The Crow comics.
Btw, nice work. ;)
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I love this one!
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Amazing picture.
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nice work. i like it.
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:) Very good work :D
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Dear StandAlone-Complex
Your work is selected to get in
:iconart-portraits: ...
if you agree
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will you finish this one man? D:
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Seriously kickass. :D (Insert random vampire pun here)
theghostwitthemost01's avatar
wow that is crazy awesome. i totally have a new take on dracula from this pic. good job :)
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Oh wow love this, everything about it! Holy crap, its amazing! :heart:
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Appreciate it! Will have to finish it up someday.
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Insane! Wouldn't mind to share him..:meow:
Nice progress. I do wonder though why you changed the lightning so drastically. I've got to say I liked the cold moonlight coming from behind. It added depth and a nightly feeling to the picture. Nice work on the details though.
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i faved this an saved this an still have yet to delete it from my "latest submissions" folder because i can't stop coming back to this an dstaring.
this is so incredibly sexy on so many levels and not in the obvious ways either.
just the way he holds himself that expression, his darkened complexion. it's so incredibly sensual. makes me think of this song: [link]
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woah im in love with his armor..Awesome painting
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Nice work :D Vampires = AWESOME!! In my book
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Amazing as usual. Love the badass pose.
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awesome *ç*
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