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Illustration done for :iconkaylarenee:. Been awhile since I've done any StarWars themed work, so it was fun to get back into it a bit.
Also took the time to look at some of my past SW work when painting this,...god how horrible those were lol, at least this is a step up.

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One of the rare images of female Jedi/Sith who aren't either serene, unnaturally drawn or half-naked. Excellent work.

Can work just as well as a Sith. Internal conflict within a Sith Order.
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If only there were a video
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Absolutely love this!
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Darth Revan? The Exile?
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WoW! Really nice work! :O
KarstRunner's avatar
Awesome, 10X, Fav!
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Great artwork!! well done! :woohoo: :clap:
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I was scrollig through you whole gallery when this caught my eye. Un-freaking-believable! Her face is saying "That's right. I want you to come. Come so you can die!"

You sure she's a jedi? Jedi tend to be calmer like buddhist monks. And they dont usually look that badass.
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"...fuck"-quite jedi
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this is amazing..... go jedi! <_< >_>
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This truly is impressive work here. You can really feel the tension
in the piece. +Fave.
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Love this piece. My money is on the jedi though.
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Thank you, me to ;)
Very nice! really captures the essence of Starwars
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Oh very awesome job! The trees look amazing!
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this is really cool
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I love the emotion in her face. To me it translates "So that's how it it's going to be, huh? Typical..."

Definitely one of my favorite depictions of the struggles the jedi are faced with. Excellent.
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Those aren't your average neighborhood homies.
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Now there's a Jedi who looks as if she's seen some action! I love her clothes. They remind me of Starkillers clothes in "The Force Unleashed".
Just one question: Who are the guys that attack her?
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