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Hardware Temperature

Hardware temperature monitoring for Rainmeter

Skin based on Enigma default Rainmeter skin

For fully working you must have 2 other programs:
RivaTuner [link]
CoreTemp [link]

Place CoreTemp.dll in RivaTuner plugins > monitoring folder and enable this plugin in Hardware monitoring and enable background monitoring. For more info visit: [link]

And copy CoreTemp.dll and RivaTunerPlugin.dll to Rainmeter > Plugins folder

Download CoreTemp and autorun with Windows

If you have one HDD use temp_hdd.ini, for 2 HDD use hdd0 and hdd1 ini files, for more hdd's copy hdd0 or hdd1 and edit
I have only 2 hdd's in my lap Acer 7552G
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? you have laptop or desktop pc? what gpu? if you have laptop and mobile gpu you must edit RivaTuner.cfg in RT folder because RT not support mobile gpu's. I have laptop with mobile radeon hd 5850 and I spent a lot of time to find the solution.

Look here, maybe this help you: [link] and [link]
You must enable SMART.dll in Hardware monitoring setup > plugins, this is standard plugin which is already in the program
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I don't have that Hardware monitoring at all...
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How do i set my rivatuner to show hdd temps??