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Angelarium is a world of divine creatures.

This is an ongoing project that lives and dies by the support of its fans. This campaign is the foundation for that effort. The support made here will give you access to special rewards but it will mostly go towards the continued creation of new Angelarium artwork and writing.

Pledging will grant instant access to the complete archive of work, production notes and bonus extras.
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  • timelapse videos and tutorials
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Angelarium - Encyclopedia of Angels

The Zodiac:

The Watchers:


Emanations of the Tree of Life:




Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Concept Artist | Illustrator | Independent

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Suphlatus, The Patient Hand
Suphlatus built a growing collection of halls and spires that cracked the desert horizon. Each one, it’s own a jagged landscape. Everyday, men would witness the Angel’s latest creations and each night they would cheer as he brought them down. As this cycle became commonplace, the only fanfare came at their destruction. 

As children, we tear at flowers and rip the limbs from trees. Their transformation excites us. It’s only later that we learn that these changes are permanent. A thing comes into our world and then, with our own hands, we usher it away. Unmaking it. We live peacefully alongside the cycle of creation and annihilation. It passes us by. It’s only natural.

Visit to see the rest of the Watchers series revisited!

Patreon members got exclusive access to see the making of this piece, as well as Patreon-exclusive prints, discounts, and other perks - become a member here!

Azazel, The Fallen Star

The First Watcher of the North was a favorite among many. Azazel’s beauty and kindness were a thing of legend. He taught mankind to forge swords, handling both his hammer and his blade with equal grace. And though he loved mankind, he feared them as well. This was their land. He had tread upon it without invitation. A stranger. He was many wonderful things, but he was not human. 


Thanks to all my subscribers on Patreon for making this series possible! 
Members of the Angelarium Patreon get to see behind the scenes of the making of all Angels as they happen. There are other perks, like exclusive prints, wallpapers, videos, and discount codes.

Limited Edition prints of this new version of Azazel are available in the Angelarium store - click the link!

- Pete

Turiel, The Hero Immemorial

The way Turiel carried his massive stature was a matter of public spectacle. His feats of strength were sometimes put to good use but often bled into showmanship. The praise people showered him with seemed to sustain the angel almost as equally as food or air.

Many came to seek the mighty Turiel’s favor. They hailed him from afar at the common grounds and sought to catch a glimpse of him preparing his hunting party. Gifts of food and gold were brought to curry favor. Weapons and jewelry were brought in his honor whenever they could be spared. Those that truly impressed him were made a part of his story, a grand tale where each night, was a feast, each drink was a toast and each lover, a grand affair.

Thanks to all my subscribers on Patreon for making this series possible!
The Lament of Sathariel
As the second Watcher of the South, Sathariel stayed close to his master’s side. While Samyaza created the flax of truth, Sathariel would spin that truth into a thread and weave it into the very reality around him. Beyond his smoothly guided words and expressive gestures, his skin itself brought his tales to life. The patterns of his wings would flex and flow with his impersonations, driving the excitement of any congregation to rapt attention.When his heart was pierced, no one saw it for what it was. His death was met with great applause, for its realism.

Thanks to all my subscribers on Patreon for making this series possible!
Malahidael, Angel of Aries - Timed Edition
This piece is only available for 3 days - JULY 14-16

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