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To Protect

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Amazing painting , i can't stop looking at it!
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Stunning images throughout your galleries. 
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Joan of Arc-ish, eh--warror with a halo. :) Or beautiful guardian angel. Fab work.
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The emotion and feels, So desperate to protect...
Slahwrael's avatar
Oh, she's stunning!
piran1986's avatar
amazing work. 
guess your dreams must be spectacular that you are able to make such beautiful art.
drewcampiondrew's avatar
Personal great piece so glad you didn't keep it all inside,thanks for sharing it.
TootsieBear's avatar
Female warriors have always been awesome in my book. :)
dmkozicka's avatar

Amazing details and wonderful colours. Excellent work!

Avvoula's avatar
Her expression is so wonderful <3
archerion's avatar
Her neck is very long.
Meggie272's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous. I love the strength she has. 
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Mylady-Lilith's avatar
Very nice. I like how you did the play of light and shadow. The relfections are very good :) so shiny
GesiaRoss's avatar
Looks like Athena in GOW2,awesome work!
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wonderful, i love the way you use your colors
MasamunesSong's avatar
Makes a beautiful Joan of Arc!
bloedzuigerbloed's avatar
My thoughts exactly.
Kizyoi's avatar
Beautiful work!  I love the details.  :D
LAMnumber2's avatar
cool painting look very majestic 
Whitelili123's avatar
This is beautiful.^^
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