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Suphlatus, The Patient Hand

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Suphlatus built a growing collection of halls and spires that cracked the desert horizon. Each one, it’s own a jagged landscape. Everyday, men would witness the Angel’s latest creations and each night they would cheer as he brought them down. As this cycle became commonplace, the only fanfare came at their destruction. 

As children, we tear at flowers and rip the limbs from trees. Their transformation excites us. It’s only later that we learn that these changes are permanent. A thing comes into our world and then, with our own hands, we usher it away. Unmaking it. We live peacefully alongside the cycle of creation and annihilation. It passes us by. It’s only natural.

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Cyan-Orange-Studio's avatar
Love the simplicity of colors! 👏👏👏
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
excelennt beyond your own expectatives... the colros the composition all the scene its magnificent!
Alecto3263827's avatar
I absolutely love these colors.... So beautiful! Keep it up!
lovethefailedartist's avatar
Really wonderful work. Beautiful colours.
pearwood's avatar
We do so love to tear things apart.
Cenomancer's avatar
While the color theme is "simple" it just works perfectly. It's great.
LauraGalliArt's avatar
I swear that every new angel you paint, I say that's my new favourite one :) I just love the greyscale + red here!!

orion-hunter's avatar
Beautiful picture. He definitely has this otherworldly, elusive vibe about him
Nuenue17's avatar
This is badass!
MelodicChronic's avatar
Gorgeous! Really excellent work.
Julie-TheStrange's avatar
Woah, that's really amazing. The hair, lights, it feels like real stuff, really amazing artistic work, I have so much to learn!
Kilcra's avatar
He's got some crazy feets O.o beautiful work with the hair and the outfit, its extremely believable and has a great sense of weight
Thriem's avatar
Looks much like an operator of WarFrame
soulSmith1's avatar
Patience is a virtue.
flowerkitscatch's avatar
I love the color It gives off the cold feel of the art!
Nelicquele79's avatar
This is amazing!
MSketchesM's avatar
Damn, thats the right word to describe it, just fking damn
kordablue's avatar
Simply breathtaking! And the description is 
animenotaizai's avatar
wow AMAZING!!!!!
InfiniteCreations's avatar
VinAnims's avatar
Absolutely fucking love it lad.
JTgolem31's avatar
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